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- My name is Tina Larsen.
I'm from Bollungen, Sweden.
And this is my rabbit, Flora.
We're at Harrogate's Event Center.
Is that the name of it?
Me and Flora is doing rabbit show jumping.
She really enjoys herself when she's jumping.
I look at her, and I see how fun she has.
I don't think she care about the trophy.
But I think she be interested in beating Cherie.
- This is Cherie.
She's two and a half years old, and she
really loves jumping.
- And she's off.
Oh, she's quick.
- She's a very happy rabbit.
She's very fun.
She lives in my house.
When I'm open my fridge, she's coming, oh, do you have
something for me?
She loves carrots and hay and ordinary rabbit food.
I don't know if she wants to win.
I think she think it's fun to jump, and that's
why she doing it.
- Max's full name is Maximilian.
Max has been training for a month.
Very hyper, very enthusiastic.
Not too sure what he's doing all the time.
He still really, really tries hard.
Max is the youngest bunny in the competition at the moment,
at six months old.
And everyone loves him 'cause his little ears go up and down
as he jumps.
- Just under 10 rabbits with us today who will
tackle the 10-jump course.
Stalwarts ready?
Three, two, one, go.
Let's cheer her on.
She's halfway through [INAUDIBLE]
make it to the end.
- The prize in the competition this
weekend is a trophy.
I don't think we're going to get it, but who knows?
- I never train her, because I'm
compete so often in Sweden.
So she doesn't need to train at home.
She trains at competitions.
- And she's off.
Oh, she's quick.
Oh, she's on a roll, come on.
Cheer her on to win.
And she did it.
Well done, Cherie.
- She got the trophy.
Today she was the winner, but you never know tomorrow.
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Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!

2554 Folder Collection
小蓉包 published on December 4, 2012    方于文 translated    Rachel Kung reviewed
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