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Hey guys this is Mumbo, and welcome to ten ways to make traps by MagmaMusen.
Now before we start I just want to mention that we are doing a little video collaboration type thing, where I create 10 traps and Magma creates 10 traps as well.
That means if you watch both videos you will have 20 traps in total which I would say is pretty bonkers
But anyway I'm gonna hand it over to Magma now, I hope you enjoy!
10 Ways to Make Traps
The First trap can be set up almost anywhere on an existing railway!
The only visible difference is a detector rail used as a trigger.
To make it even less visible, position the detector right after a turn. :]
It's this simple.
Now make a hole and fill it with whatever evil you feel like! :]
Cover up the inner workings of the trap with something that doesn't look too out of place.
Let's test it!
Works like a charm!
Lava at the bottom, a classic!
This one is really simple and hard to mess up! :]
You can place any type of block that is affected by gravity on top of the TNT.
Oh, $#%@..
Let's just make one for now.
Try camouflaging it as much as you possibly can.
I guess I have to test it..
This is one that works best underground!
As with most of these, there's a trigger and some serious consequences. :]
I'll try staying away from TNT, since I don't want to blow up my little island..
Instead, I'm once again sending a signal to a bunch of pistons that will pull away the floor.
I'll skip ahead, I'm simply connecting the redstone you'll see in a bit.
Connect the redstone to a torch, that is placed on some diamond ore! (...or something else you would want to mine away at!)
The repeaters are optional, but my trap bugged out without them.
Cover it up and the trap is ready!
The trapping part is completely invisible, let's see if it works..
(I'm getting a bit of graphical glitches, it should be opening instantly!)
Again, add something underneath!
If you have the time, lure some creepers down into the hole and name them! Muaha!
Another railway trap!
It's effective and it's even simpler than the previous!
You can put every kind of punishment here you can think of.. Make it bad!
Add a sign. For personal entertainment!
You know what happens, but let's see it anyways..
This one is a classic!
This is also one of the simplest traps to make!
Make sure you place the doors facing in the right direction.
Make the hole as deep as you want.
Make sure all the other signs are connected to the first sign!
You can of course add whatever you want to the hole, making it deadlier.
Let's take a look at a perfectly realistic scenario!
Phew, it's getting really hot out here..
Better stay hydrated!
Must be time for another sip!
So I guess this how I die..
This trap uses the trapped chest as a trigger for its one true purpose!
Since the trapped chest sends out a very weak signal, a redstone torch must be placed nearby.
You can use the signal to trap your victim in many ways, but I decided to get a bit creative with carpets.
A bit of lava should do the trick.. As long as the victim hasn't got too quick of a reaction.
You can place the dispensers where you think they'll be most effective!
..And if 2 aren't enough, just add more!
This one is so simple I kind of feel bad for showing it to you..
Yet, it's one of the most scary ones to fall into.
Darn, forgot ladders..
There's no more to it!
I've made another one over here, which I'll get back to! That one's straight up evil..
If you want to increase your chances, make the petrfying pit less visible.
Adding a sign at the bottom is good manners
This one right over here is aggravating on a new level.
If you fall into it without a sword or shears, you'll have to wait for a while..
With this one, you have the time to tell a whole story..
This trap is nothing but stupid.. Maybe with a hint of annoying.
It can be used to trap mobs and idiots like me only.
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Minecraft: 10 Ways to Make Traps

247 Folder Collection
Yuen Yee Bertha Chan published on February 14, 2020
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