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Warning: the following fire experiments can be extremely dangerous. Perform only with adult supervision.
10 amazing fire tricks!
candle holder, candle, lighter
narrow glass, water, food coloring, lighter, plate, candle.
crayons, clip, lighter, plate
tray, ping pang balls, lighter
2 glasses, nail, candle, lighter
tall bottle, lighter, rubbing alcohol
metal pipe, blow torch
screen mesh in bottom of pipe
sugar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, bowl or plate, lighter
add 4 parts sugar
to 1 part baking soda
cover with rubbing alcohol
mesh trash can, rubbing alcohol, metal container, spinning device - lazy susan - record player, lighter
tray, steel wool, lighter
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10 Amazing Fire Tricks!

1395 Folder Collection
Blair published on June 4, 2015    Blair translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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