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- [Narrator] There's nothing quite like
a hot bowl of noodle soup.
In fact you might even say it's priceless.
But how much would you be willing
to pay for a serving of Taiwan's best beef noodle soup?
$20, $50?
How about $320?
(upbeat music)
This is beef noodle soup...
a Taiwanese staple dish.
You can find it on
the streets of Taipei at a lot of places.
Like here or here,
and it will usually run you no more than six bucks.
But there's one restaurant that has taken
this common noodle dish to truly elevated heights.
(speaking foreign language)
- [Narrator] While beef noodle soup may seem simple,
it's all about the ingredients.
(speaking foreign language)
- [Narrator] As for the cost,
it wasn't actually Wong and his father who came up
with the price tag.
(speaking foreign language)
- [Narrator] Funny enough,
as the restaurant's popularity increased,
they actually moved to a smaller location.
(speaking foreign language)
- [Narrator] So if you have the cash to spare
see for yourself if this soup is worth the price.
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Trying a $321 Bowl of Soup

181 Folder Collection
Lian published on November 26, 2019
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