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  • Hi, I’m Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • First, let’s cut the vegetables.

  • Cut out the root part of the onion and detach the layers.

  • Slice the onion into 1cm or half inch width strips along the grain.

  • Remove the cap of the shishito peppers.

  • Put some salt onto the okra

  • and roll it on a flat surface to remove the fuzz.

  • Rinse the okra

  • and remove the water thoroughly.

  • Then, remove the firm skins between the cap and the pod.

  • Cut the okra in half lengthwise.

  • Next, trim off the excess fat from the pork loin slices.

  • Cut the slices into 3 pieces

  • and arrange them on the cutting board.

  • To help coat the pork with the seasonings later,

  • sprinkle any type of flour on one side.

  • Now, let’s combine the seasonings.

  • To the soy sauce, add the sake,

  • mirin,

  • sugar,

  • and grated garlic and ginger root.

  • Stir the mixture thoroughly.

  • Let’s make the Butadon.

  • Place the lettuce leaves onto the slightly cooled steamed rice.

  • Turn on the burner and add the sesame oil (or vegetable oil).

  • Arrange the pork slices into the heated pan.

  • Lightly brown the pork

  • and then, flip them over.

  • When the other sides begin to turn white,

  • remove

  • and place them onto a plate.

  • Now, clean the pan with a paper towel.

  • Add the sesame oil and heat the pan again.

  • Add the onion, shishito peppers and okra.

  • Stir the vegetables and distribute the oil evenly.

  • Then, add the combined seasonings.

  • Lightly stir

  • and cover with a lid.

  • Simmer for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  • When the vegetables are still a little crisp, turn off the burner.

  • Remove them with a mesh stainer

  • and place the vegetables onto the lettuce leaves.

  • Now, re-heat the remaining sauce.

  • Meanwhile, arrange the vegetables in the bowl.

  • When the sauce begins to boil again,

  • add the reserved pork slices.

  • Coat the slices with the sauce thoroughly

  • and reduce the sauce.

  • Turn off the burner

  • and place the pork onto the onion strips in the bowl.

  • Then, pour the sauce over them.

  • Sprinkle on the toasted white sesame seeds

  • and shichimi, seven flavor chili powder.

  • Finally, garnish with the shiraganegi, the shredded long green onion.

  • Cooking the pork and vegetables separately

  • will help avoid overcooking the meat

  • and also makes the dish visually appealing.

  • You can also use bell peppers, asparagus and mushrooms for this recipe.

  • If the mirin is not available, substitute sake and sugar instead.

  • Good luck in the kitchen.

  • Please watch our yakibuta ramen video on how to make the Shiraganegi.

  • Hi! I'm Francisco,

  • the host of this show, cooking with cat.

Hi, I’m Francis,

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Summer Stamina Butadon (Pork Bowl)

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