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If you are visiting Osaka, then Dotonbori is a very popular
for most first timers to go
the Dotonbori street runs parallel to the Dotonbori Canal
And is filled up with lots of things to do and to see there
But you know what I love the most about this place?
Is how you can just stuff your face with all of the delicious food
the Kansai region has to offer
And in this video I will be showing you some of the recommended restaurants
the locals gave me on Dotonbori street
And I will be joined by my Osaka friend Rachel
But I hope you aren't feeling too hungry because
So the first shop we will be going to is
at the start of Dotonbori street
And it's under this huge octopus here
so it's hard to miss!
Even though takoyaki is sold throughout Japan it was first popularised here in Osaka
They usually put a weak flour batter into the takoyaki mould
and fill it with octopus, pickled ginger, green onion and tempura scraps
This takoyaki shop makes it fresh
And you can see them making it right in front of you
And can you guess what special ingredient is added to give the takoyaki its special flavour?
There are also three fillings you can choose from
The original takoyaki with just the octopus
Bacon and cheese or
Shrimp takoyaki
Freshly made, they put the takoyaki with takoyaki sauce
And mayonnaise on top
They also put dried bonito and seaweed flakes on top as toppings and
is it just me or does it always look like these bonito flakes are alive?
They also have seats inside for you to eat your takoyaki
We just got our takoyaki and what flavour did we get?
Two different flavours. One is cheese, bacon and tako - octopus
- And tako - And tako!
And the other one is just tako, but it's supposed to be big tako.
- Bigger than all the other shops - That's why they're popular right?
We don't know which is which Which is which?
So we'll take one from each side and see. Let's go for it.
But cheese and bacon is like really rare. It's my first time.
It's my first ti-- - Oh, I know what that one is - I saw it.
OK I think I just destroyed my takoyaki
OK I got it Be careful it's hot, it's really really hot.
Quickly before it... It's gonna -
Hurry up and eat your takoyaki
OMG, I gotta come to Osaka more.
This shop the takoyakis are really really soft inside
- And the cheese - The cheese is really really good
And the bacon and tako are really big, by the way
It really is just like 5mm
Where is the tako?
OK let's try the normal one - the normal one
OK this is supposedly the big tako one.
Yeah, it's so soft that it's easy to break, right?
Mine's already broken
Man, this is legit really good.
I thought it would just taste like any other takoyaki.
But it's really good, it just melts in your mouth
When I came to Dotonbori, it's really like a touristy area
There's lots of tourists, so I thought
There's a long line it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good shop
It just attracts lots of tourists, but
The takoyaki's really good, it was
It was probably like one of the best takoyakis I've ever had.
I'm glad to hear that
I think because in Tokyo the takoyaki is not as soft -Really?
Or maybe the ones I've had. Or maybe
Or maybe the ones I've cooked.
Speaking of which you can also make your own takoyaki
And experience making your own takoyaki yourself.
So we've just finished takoyaki and we're gonna go... where is --?
Okonomiyaki, there's a place over there that has really nice okonomiyaki.
- So we're gonna go over there? - Yeah - Yay!
Osaka is good for okonomiyaki
I'll just put it on your plate for you.
Oh, thank you, you're such a gentleman!
Will you marry me?
Yesterday... tell them the story of yesterday!
Angela's staying at my house right now, but I
'til really late, like 11pm
-1130 -1130pm, yeah.
I opened the door and she was already asleep in there, so
Then I saw like this strange thing on my computer
And I went closer, and OMG it's a cake!
And then I went even closer, and
And then there was a message on there, like
Otsukareri Rachel, OMG
I wish I had a boyfriend like that!
From my point of view, she came home - she finished
She finished work at 1130, and I
And I was already asleep so I didn't see her.
And in the morning I woke up and she wasn't there anymore, because she was
went to work really early
And I was like this is what it would be like dating a salaryman
Like a guy who works, I mean
A guy who works a lot
Like till late and leave early
Like I'm a guy who works from morning til night
even though you live in the same house you can't see each other.
Anyway let's eat! - Yes!
Alright let's dig in, let's give it our honest opinion~
Oh, no it's falling apart!
I think I found a comment
That all Kansai stuff have this floury part, like it's really soft
The flour, the batter, it's much much softer
It's like beef jerky.
OK you don't like it.
I'm so-so with tendons.
I like it.
As long as the guest likes it, I'm happy.
I like the okonomiyaki, it's really soft and everything.
But I guess like, if you've got the... - Osaka is good for suji (tendon)
That's what the lady said, yeah.
It is a must try - But since I love meat ...
I feel like you can't taste it because they cut it up into little cubes.
So if you do like meat, you should get like the pork one.
The super deluxe. That one would be really good, like
Probably like a mountain of shrimp and squid, and ...
That one has like everything in it, so.
I think okonomiyaki-wise, it's really good.
It is nice.
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Osaka Food Guide In Dotonbori

257 Folder Collection
周建丞 published on September 16, 2019
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