B1 Intermediate US 1904 Folder Collection
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Today I am in Kita-Ikebukuro at a convenience store called 3F
And they have kindly allowed me to film a tour for you guys
It is a huge convenience store and - sumimasen (laughs)
Okay, we're going into the conbini from the backside
And you can see there's lots of yummy looking drinks
And there's even vegetables, except there's not many there right now
You can buy pretty much anything in one of these
There's lots of coffee
Green tea... You can even buy meat
I mean, I wouldn't, but maybe you would
Some pre-packaged foods, like salads
Lots of bread
Yakisoba Ro-ru (Yakisoba Roll)
It is bread with yakisoba inside it
Why? I don't know
And this one's bacon and corn
Here, you can see the refrigerated area where there's desserts, yoghurt and jelly, and stuff like that
Here's all the yoghurt, some jelly with fruit in it
This conbini is so big, there's so much stuff
Here's a whole lot of treats for children
I mean, you don't have to be a child to eat them obviously
Umeboshi - dried plums
There's little... bits of salami I think
Lots and lots of chocolate
More chocolate
Noodles and noodles and noodles
These are called Kappumen - cup noodles
And, oh my gosh - you can buy a whole packet of them here, you don't even need to go to the supermarket
And its only 300 yen, which is like 3 dollars
Maybe these are one of the cheaper brands. I don't eat them because they've got meat in them but...
So this is the curry, let's take a look at the curry
Lots of curry - Japanese curry is slightly different from Indian curry
Oh, and these look like stir-fries
And this is microwave rice
So if you don't have a rice cooker, or if you're just super lazy
it's microwaveable rice
And you can even buy Listerine here, and toothbrushes and toothpaste, and band-aids
Condoms as well
So there's contact lens cleaning stuff, there's bath salts
Shampoo, and shampoo refills - this conbini is full of awesome stuff
If you need to clean something, there you go
Yay, we're going into the back of the convenience store! I've never seen this before
This is where they stock all the drinks - actually you can kind of see through
That's the convenience store, and this is behind where they stock the drinks
And you can see the kind of drinks that are in a convenience store
There's a lot of beer, there's some sweat
These are vitamin drinks, sports drinks
Water - lots of flavoured water at the moment in Japan
and it's actually quite yummy
I mean, just like everything... they have all the things
And it's freezing, the whole area is being frozen by that thing
I mean it's being refrigerated - it's like a giant refrigerator, what is this?
So this is what it looks like from the front
And if you wanna buy a beer, you come and open it up
and buy a beer - but only if you're over twenty
These three are all alcohol, and then these other ones are non-alcoholic drinks
And then we've got another huge aisle
of chips and wine
Osake, or alcohol
More alcohol
More alcohol
More alcohol
More alcohol, this time wine
Something for everybody here
Lots more stuff
And then we have the kind of budget brand, the no frills brand of stuff
And everything here is like 108 yen
We've got lightning cables, iPhone chargers, portable chargers
in various beautiful colours... that one's nice
Car chargers, batteries
And here's where you can buy prepaid cards for stuff like iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, Nintendo and other things
Necessities, I guess
We've got... these are wipes for when you're sweaty
and a huge lot of hair wax
Panty hose - you might be surprised by how many times you need this if you're working in a suit-job and your panty hose gets ripped
Accessories, hair accessories
Deodorant and stuff for your period
and yes, you can buy makeup in the convenience store
So if you need a new foundation, or if you forgot yours, or if you're on a trip or something, you can buy makeup
And there's quite a good range
Even face masks
And these are the masks to wear if you have hay-fever, or for whatever reason really
So they've got a really nice selection of ice cream here
Ice cream
And I love these ones because they're so... how do they make it stay like that?
It's fascinating
Snacks, gum, more gum, mints, more gum...
And of course we've got sweets - these are mostly gummy sweets
Throat lozenges
More gummy sweets, and also dried fruits
I like to buy dried fruits, especially dried mango
Cookies, chocolate
More chocolate - snack sized chocolate
It's quite a small package, but it's kinda cool, I like it
Nice pick-me-up
Vitamins, and then we have kind of energy bars like ipponmanzoku
And Calorie Mate
There's the registers, and they're selling Oden
This is what the oden goes into
This is what oden looks like - it's generally like a warm treat, or warm meal in winter
And this is the regi~ And look, you can even buy this stuff
Magazines - they have a huge selection of magazines in this convenience store
because there's basically like a small bookstore attached to a big convenience store
So there's comic books... and look - there's Creator Channel, me and Duncan were in the first one
This one - there we are!
More magazines, basically you can get whatever you want here
They've got a big comics section, or manga section
And then a little book section as well
A lot of the convenience store have cigarettes here and you can order them by number
But these are kind of gift sets
that you might send to someone
These are the hot drinks
Okay, so of course you can buy a newspaper too
And they have coffee machines, these are really popular these days
You go and buy the coffee, they give you a cup and you can do it yourself
There is a photo-copier as well
which has lots of functions
And an ATM
So you can actually get money out
If you enjoyed this convenience store tour, please give the video a thumbs up
Consider subscribing to my channel, I make quite a few videos about Japan
You might be interested in them
And check out 3F if you're in Japan, it's a really amazing convenience store, I feel like I'm in a supermarket actually
which has all the books I could ever need
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Inside a Japanese MEGA Convenience Store!

1904 Folder Collection
yulin published on November 29, 2017
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