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- [Narrator] They say there's no proof
that you're crazy for believing
that monsters
are real.
The following was posted to a popular forum about cryptids
strange animals whose existence is unconfirmed.
The topic about one particular cryptid that is famous
for roaming the American wilderness prompted this comment
from one of the users who claimed to have encountered it.
Names and locations have been changed
to protect the survivors.
Out of respect for the dead the events remained unchanged.
(terrifying music)
- [Narrator] You want to eat your maid of honor?
Francine asked.
Francine wasn't friends with the bride like the rest of us.
She was the groom's sister, and Nina had begrudgingly
let her into the bridal party as a favor to her
future in-laws.
That being said, she never missed an opportunity
to make her feel like an outsider.
Even now, as we were starving and freezing to death
in the forest.
Nina was taking jabs at the poor girl.
I was part of a bachelorette party whose helicopter
had gone down in the middle of nowhere
while on a scenic tour of the English countryside.
There were six of us.
Nina, Mandy, Margaret, Francine, and myself.
And, well, then there was Candice.
She hadn't been as lucky as the rest of us.
She broke her back in the crash and had been slipping
in and out of consciousness for days.
We took turns carrying her through the woods
on a makeshift stretcher fashioned from the wreckage.
If we want to live, then we have to like, eat her.
I mean, she's slowing us down anyway.
Besides, she's a total bummer to look at.
Nina had said.
She was as serious as the mascara running down her face.
Nobody is eating anyone, Francine said
as she fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist.
Then, she laid herself across the maid of honor's
broken body.
Francine, you better move.
I'm hungry and if you can't, like understand that,
then maybe you should be the one we eat.
Francine didn't budge.
Nina ordered the M's to hold Francine down
as Nina hovered over her best friend like a vulture.
It's for the best that Candace was unconscious at the time.
I couldn't imagine the screams if she'd been awake
while Nina drove rusty scrap metal into her abdomen.
The bride dove in headfirst.
Within moments she had sliced open Candice's stomach
and started chewing on her intestines.
Francine yelled and tried her hardest
to squirm out from under the M's ...
Save some for us, one of the M's yelled out.
Upon hearing this, Nina suddenly stopped eating
from the Candice buffet, then she let out a terrible scream
and fell to the ground as if she had just been shot.
Then, she started tearing the flesh from her face.
The M's were in shock, and Francine was able to wiggle
out from their grasp.
We all watched as Nina transformed into something else.
An antler sprouted from her forehead
and then her skull grew and literally
ripped her face in half.
She howled out into the air like an animal.
Nina was no longer Nina.
She had become something else.
More monster than woman.
She lunged at us and snatched Mandy's arm.
Mandy screamed as the bride-turned-monster
sunk its teeth into her neck.
A fountain of blood shot out.
Margaret tried to run but a monster
punched a hole right through her chest
and then devoured her heart in one clean move.
There was only Francine and myself.
There was nowhere to run. Surrounded by miles of wilderness.
The monster trained it's sight onto us.
But ...
It was the strangest sight to see
a teenager of all thing in the wilderness
was standing behind the creature.
She had fire engine red hair
and was wearing a private school uniform that,
it looked weird.
Her face was pale and cracked with red lips
and a rotten smile.
She was wielding a field hockey stick like a weapon.
The English schoolgirl drove forward and smashed the back
of the monster's head.
The monster howled in pain and rolled around.
It lunged at the girl but she was able to duck
and smash the monster under the chin with her weapon.
The monster swung viciously at the English schoolgirl
and growled like we had shot it.
I glanced over at Francine and she wasn't surprised
by the arrival of the English schoolgirl,
she just calmly smiled and played with her bracelet.
Did Francine have a connection with the English schoolgirl?
I didn't have time to ask as my survival instincts
kicked in.
I used the opportunity to run far from the fight.
Francine creepily waved goodbye as I ran,
and then continued to watch the duel between the monster
and the English schoolgirl.
I don't know how long I wandered through the forest
before I was found by a rescue party.
There was a bigger search to look
for the other girls' bodies,
but none of them were recovered.
I still don't know if Francine is out there.
It's hard for anyone to believe my story of survival.
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MORDEO vs SHELLEY | "Cannibal Bride" | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

95 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 6, 2019
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