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Protectin' the red, white, and blue
And even some non-Americans too
God bless them Redneck Avengers
Previously on Redneck Avengers
I heard your sister made out with Lee Murphy under the bridge
Guys, these nachos are spicy
I can't stand it
Look at my pajamas, they're fancy
Well, mine are leather
The people at my school wanna do stuff like ice sculpting
Dang it, Percy!
I don't feel good
I told you, it was them donuts
It was too many
Listen, you got your sweat on my knife
And now I want you to have it
I don't want your dang knife!
Quit your fussing, I'm tryin' to help you!
Ewww [spit]
Why didn't that taste right?
Don't you like pig?
I do, but if that's pig, I'm a baboon.
Hey, you said it. Not me
Get up here and listen to me
I need to go poop
You can't
Haha, big guy!
You have been texting Rachel adorable emojis and it's creepy!
Hey, guess what?
Did you burp in my face again?
Hmmm, okay
Try to figure out what voice I'm doing:
Use the force, Han. Mmmmm
Ah, Yoda I think. That's cute
You're a weirdo
Trisha, I think I'm in love
Say what?
And even though you and me are family
Who says that we can't be together?
She likes you?
You seen her tattoo?
You got a kazoo?
Man, this is crappy
Oh yeah? Well, then when are you gonna eat your carrots?
Well, no man, I WANNA eat 'em, but
Like see what happened, man, she got into my stash
She breaks into my room and stuff, I mean she -
Do, do, do, dooo
Eat your supper, okay?
It was just this one time, Bob.
Hey, you seen my beef jerky?
I did not use it!
I might have borrowed it for its flavor
Listen mang
I didn't step on your dang glow-sticks
Hey, do you get your grandma to lift weights?
She's kinda small
It sounds like you're disappointed
Cuz she's disappointing
Ok, grandmas can't DO things like that
You really want her legs to be impressive?
I mean, she's basically spaghetti
That's how you sound
You know, I ain't supposed to be in here
See, my daddy doesn't want me to flirt with you
But I want to
Well, is that right?
So we should go to the old bridge
and get to know each other
Yeah, well, what about little Buddy Sweeney?
Mm-mmm. He and I squabble now
Well I guess so
Since you ran over his horse
Oh yes, darlin'
Little Buddy told me everything
Like how you like your chicken strip on the
under side of the bread?
What are you thinking?!
You gonna run to Piggly Wiggly
Cuz you gonna get me some Skittles
And a big pouch of Big League Chew
On the next Redneck Avengers
Hey, what you guy's doing out here?
Probably just more hide-and-go-seek
I wish I woulda known
Nahh, you can't seek worth a dang
You remember why I love you?
My donkey feet?
That's right
And your Beanie Baby collection
Hold this for me?
Little boy, this ain't even one of them books I wanna read
Then you should burn it, I guess
Yeahh, now I might have to pick you up and spit all on your forehead
Of course, I'm drinking
I'm bored, Hank
No, I don't have my bestest wig on
I know something about Jeb
Don't tell 'em why I wanna buy a coffin!
Protectin' the red, white, and blue
And even some non-Americans too
God bless them Redneck Avengers
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"REDNECK AVENGERS: TULSA NIGHTS" — A Bad Lip Reading of Marvel's The Avengers

75617 Folder Collection
Wendy published on May 28, 2015    Wendy translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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