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  • I'll be down in a minute.

  • Whatever.

  • Okay, Cheepy. Just keep quiet, and I'll be right back, okay?

  • Oh. That smell? It's Buttercup's shoes.

  • She doesn't wash her feet!

  • So I made waffles instead.

  • - Totally. - Sorry I'm late.

  • Wow! Looks like the animal you found at the park is a chinchillasaurus.

  • I left Cheepy in the park!

  • Uh...yeah. I know.

  • It's a good thing, too, 'cause it says even though they are born small, they can have growth spurts when they eat yams.

  • No kidding?

  • It says that they can grow bigger than a person!

  • How do you even know this?

  • I posted the picture I took to an online forum I run about local floral and fauna.

  • I thought your forum was about typography in the Industrial Revolution.

  • Yeah, I have that one too.

  • Someone should put your picture on a forum.

  • Am I right, Bubbs?

  • Heh...yeah.

  • Whoa!

  • Are you okay?

  • No!

  • Dude! What are you doing?

  • Uh...

  • What are you hiding behind your back?

  • Uh, you mean this spoon?

  • Your other hand?

  • Uh...this ham hock?

  • No.

  • It's organic kale?

  • No.

  • - Clam juice? - No.

  • -Mayonnaise? -No.

  • It's Zoomsbie?

  • Yes!

  • No, no, no!

  • Ehh.

  • No!

  • Stop pulling stuff out of the fridge.

  • I know you have the chinchillasaurus.

  • Uh...who are you even talking about... girlfriend?

  • I'm talking about the chinchillasaurus you obviously have behind your back.

  • Chinchillasaurus?

  • Oh, Blossom. You and your crazy stories.

  • Hehe.

I'll be down in a minute.

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The Powerpuff Girls | Bubbles' Secret Pet | Cartoon Network

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