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Jessi: Hey guys I'm Jessi, this is Augusto, and we're at Animal Wonders in Montana. We're
so super excited to be launching this new channel with a little help from our friends
Hank Green and Caitlin Hofmeister. I wanted to start off by doing a little bit of a tour
around Animal Wonders so you could see what we're all about and what you can expect from
our episodes. So I invited Hank to help us explore.
Hank: I know why I wanted you to have a YouTube channel, why did you want to have a YouTube
Jessi: We really wanted to be able to share the animals with as many people as possible,
so it's just amazing that we have... we can go international with this.
Hank: Yeah.
Jessi: It's just awesome.
Hank: So if you recognize Jessi it's because she is often, actually always, on SciShow
Talk Show, which is the talk show we do on SciShow; where we talk to scientists and people
and then Jessi brings in an animals for us to be like "Whaaat?". Um, and after doing
that it and seeing how much you had to offer, I wanted to see how it all worked in the real
world, and here it is.
Jessi: Here it is! What do you think?
Hank: I think it looks like hard work.
Jessi: (Laughing) It's hard work. Worth it, worth it.
Hank: I don't know how you do it. And you also have twins, and you have animals, and
you have a whole compound to take care of and a small business to run at the same time
as taking care of all these animals.
Jessi: Yeah. It's a lot; don't remind me. It's a lot.
Hank: I'm very impressed, uhh, and so I'm really excited to share it with people.
Jessi: Well thank you; we're really excited to be able to share it with people too.
Hank: Yeah.
Jessi: Yeah.
Hank: Awesome.
Jessi: Go! Go rats go! Go rats go!
Hank: Rats. Rats. Running rats. Welcome to Animal Wonders.
Jessi: And join us on this adventure, yay! If you want to see more awesome animal stuff,
Hank: Where is the subscribe button now? It keeps moving.
Jessi: This way.
(both laugh)
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New Animal Wonders!! Ep. 1

1705 Folder Collection
HK Li published on February 23, 2015
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