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[Interviewer] You don't think Santa can fall in love?
No, he's married to his job.
(festive music)
Who's Santa?
He's the person who gives us all the gifts.
But if you're bad, he gives you a piece of coal.
He's an old man, about 42,000 I'm guessing.
Probably over a hundred years old,
and I don't believe that.
I'm just predicting that it's not real.
.There's no way somebody can live for over a thousand years.
He has a flying sled.
He has flying reindeers now.
[Interviewer] So, how do the reindeer fly? I don't get it.
I have no clue.
Cause he's magic and he can make the reindeers fly.
There's no way that flying reindeers is true.
Parents make it up so they can think it's real.
Then when you really grow up,
your mom's just gonna tell you Santa's not real
and you're just gonna remember that till you have kids.
He knows everything, he does not have cameras,
he is magic.
He got some assistance, and those are the elves.
They make his presents, and I have no clue what they are.
Oh, and you always have a Christmas tree.
If you don't, where will Santa put the presents?
He delivers his presents under the Christmas tree
and that's it!
[Interviewer] Then he leaves?
He goes to different houses, silly.
[Interviewer] Can you tell me about where Santa lives?
North Pole.
Well he has a gingerbread house.
I guess he have a few neighbors, like maybe the elves.
That's a real place, they made you believe,
so far away, you're never gonna go there.
When I'm a teenager, I'm gonna go there.
I'm gonna look throughout every place,
and mom you're comin' with me,
and you're gonna tell me where the North Pole is.
He's going on vacation, to get relaxed
so he'll be ready in time for next year.
The beach, I guess the north beach.
He goes to Hawaii, California,
places that you could just be all relaxed.
Santa's a worker, he never can get breaks.
But I think he can go to the winter... wow
Santa amusement park.
Santa whaling roller coaster.
The handy dandy Santa Santa Ferris wheel!
(excited yelling)
I'm drawing the elves before I draw Santa, so you know.
Santa takes time!
He in his going out outfit, you know.
Santa does have a wife, actually,
her name is Bertha.
Actually, Bertha was the one that is
usually dressing up as the Easter Bunny.
[Interviewer] Oh
She's in charge of Easter.
[Interviewer] Are those like, sticks?
Oh, he doesn't wear shoes?
No, he doesn't have enough money, he gave it all the kids.
How does he get down the chimney?
Break in your door, bust the alarm.
He'll go down your chimney.
Maybe his reindeers go for it, they're skinny enough.
Cause he's magical!
[Interviewer] For Christmas he spends a lot of time like,
going to different malls and stuff,
and finding out what kids want?
No, those are called the fake Santas.
[Interviewer] Oh, those aren't real Santas?
They just dress up so they could get money.
Let me guess, you're gonna ask me to draw hands,
I'm getting to it!
I said Santa was a cow.
You said Santa was a cow?
Yes, cause he is magical.
What else can Santa turn into?
A sheep.
I'm like seriously capturing the real Santa.
Fat guy is very fat, I'm very fat.
Santa eats everything that is edible, and I'm done.
I just can't wait to see you this year, Santa.
[Interviewer] Is this the first time you're telling
your mom that you don't buy her story?
Yes, this is.
They just dress up so they could get money.
[Interviewer] Oh my gosh.
I know, they're rude.
[Interviewer] That's so bad.
(festive music)
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Kids Debate Whether Santa Claus Is Real

3304 Folder Collection
Emily published on December 27, 2018    Emily translated    Evangeline reviewed
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