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  • Mary was really scared when the angel came to her. There was one main angel named Gabriel.

  • -He was just a boy angel. -He had wings and he was all white.

  • -The angel said: "You're gonna have a special baby" -And it was God's son

  • She was quite excited, a bit scared

  • And she was like Oh my gosh! I'm gonna have the Son of God

  • And then she was like I can't I'm not married and stuff

  • Joseph, he was a builder

  • Mary told Joseph that she was having a baby called Jesus and it was God's son.

  • He was like "what?"

  • Then Joseph saw the angel in a dream.

  • I think Joseph is really scared

  • And then they went to visit him.

  • -On a donkey. It'll be quite hard. -She had a baby in her tummy

  • And she would have been really heavy.

  • He said "Can we stop anywhere with these houses?"

  • They had to try and find somewhere for Mary to have the baby

  • They went around the whole neighborhood

  • No, there's no space!

  • Everyone said "no" in an angry voice because it was the middle of the night.

  • I said 'no'!

  • The last innkeeper. He said, There's a barn around the back

  • They had to go to a barn and have their baby.

  • It had sheeps (sheep), there was like all hay, and animal poop, and sheep and things.

  • Mary put baby Jesus in one of those troughs

  • They call the baby Jesus and they loved him.

  • He has two daddies, God and Joseph

  • They both needed to look after the baby

  • The angels told the shepherds to follow the star.

  • There were three kings. They followed the star all the way to where Jesus was born.

  • When they get to the stable, they gave him the presents.

  • And then they got some angels as visitors, too.

  • And then there was a giant star.

  • Everyone was there.

  • And there was a party.

Mary was really scared when the angel came to her. There was one main angel named Gabriel.

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The Christmas Story

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