B1 Intermediate UK 196467 Folder Collection
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Mary was really scared when an angel came to her. There was one man angel.
Gabriel. He was just a boy angel. He had wings and he was all white.
The angel said, You're gonna have a special baby, and it was God's son
She was quite excited, a bit scared
And she was like Oh my gosh! I'm gonna have the Son of God
And then she was like I cannot marry and stuff
Joseph, he was a builder
Mary told Joseph that she was having a baby called 'Jesus' and it was God's son.
He was like What?
Then Joseph saw the angel in a dream.
I think Joseph is really scared
And then they wait to be seeing him
On a donkey. It'll be quite hard. She had a baby in her tummy
And she would have been really heavy.
He said, Can we stop anywhere with these houses?
They had to try and find somewhere for Mary to have the baby
We went around the whole neighborhood
No, there's no space!
Everyone said 'no' and every house closed in the middle of the night
I said 'no'!
The last innkeeper. He said, There's a barn around the back
They had to go to a barn and have the baby.
It had sheeps, there was like all hay, and animal poop, and sheep and things.
Mary put baby Jesus in one of those troughs
They call the baby 'Jesus' and they loved him.
He has two daddies, God and Joseph
They both need to ...to the baby
The angels told the shepherds to follow the star.
There were three kings. They followed the star all the way to where Jesus was born
When they get to the stable, they gave him the presents
And then they got some angels as visitors, too
And then there was a giant star
Everyone was there
And there was a party
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The Christmas Story

196467 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on December 24, 2013
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