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  • - [Narrator] Two-and-a-half hours outside of Seattle,

  • in this sleepy little town of Yakima, Washington,

  • lies a hidden empire.

  • And what they've been making

  • you've used your entire life. - It's like

  • one of those things that you go, “Oh my God!”

  • That was invented?

  • Oh, yeah, wow!”

  • My name is Stephanie, and I'm the oldest

  • of the Paxton women.

  • - My name is Kimberly and I'm in the middle. (laughing)

  • - My name is Melissa, and I am the baby.

  • We are the three sisters

  • behind the Kwik Lok corporation

  • and the little bag closures that you see

  • just about everywhere.

  • - [Narrator] And by everywhere,

  • she means everywhere.

  • - Typically around bread,

  • but it can be found on a variety of packages

  • from produce to potatoes.

  • We sell billions of Kwik Loks a year, billlllions.

  • (group laughing)

  • - [Narrator] The invention of the little

  • closures that could dates back

  • to their Grandfather, Floyd Paxton.

  • - The story certainly is

  • that our Grandfather whittled his first Kwik Lok

  • out of a credit card.

  • Whether or not that is actual fact

  • will probably never be discovered.

  • - [Narrator] But the bag closure business

  • isn't all fun and games.

  • - I would say our biggest competition

  • is the wire tie.

  • You know the thing that you twist,

  • that you can't untwist or get it all mixed up.

  • - [Narrator] Oh, yeah, those things.

  • Never thought about it, but if we're

  • being honest, I guess I never really thought

  • about bag closures in general.

  • - It's always so fun telling the story of the Kwik Lok.

  • It's this little plastic square closure

  • that was invented in Yakima, Washington,

  • and has gone from this little town

  • to being sold globally and internationally.

- [Narrator] Two-and-a-half hours outside of Seattle,

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The Family Making Sure Your Bread Stays Fresh

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