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  • Hey there friends! My name is Hilah. Today we're going to make spring rolls on Hilah

  • Cooking not the fried ones but the fresh, soft delicious ones that are filled with crunchy

  • vegetables and they are delicious and healthy and great and wonderful on a hot day. So let's

  • do this thing.

  • Okay, so here's what we need to get ready. I have got some bean thread vermicelli that

  • I have already cooked. It looks like this before it's cooked, and you have to take off

  • the plastic, wink, wink, and I boiled it for like three minutes, pull some oil on it, drained

  • it, rinse it with cold water, cut it up with scissors, done! Some cilantro, some cucumber,

  • some lettuce and some carrot. You could put shrimp in it if you want to or whatever, but

  • I am not, and then I got some rice paper wraps that will get wet and roll ups. So the first

  • thing is to cut up my vegetables into the appropriate sizes and shapes. So you notice

  • that when I cut up my vegetables I peeled everything that has a peel which is not something

  • I normally do but it's nice for this, and I cut around the seeds on the cucumber, and

  • I have a glass pie pan here with some warm water that I just stuck in the microwave.

  • I like to use glass because then when the water cools off I can reheat it real easily.

  • So I just put my wrapper in there, kind of swirl it around until it gets soft. Kwuch,

  • kwuch, feels really nice. It's very warm and relaxing on the hands. Okay we're almost there.

  • Okay, now, sorry I keep clearing my throat. Okay, so I put it down with the rough side

  • up, and I get a couple of cilantro leaves. You want to put your pretty stuff down first

  • because we need to roll it up. That's what's gonna be on the outside. So a couple of cilantro

  • leaves, some cucumber, carrots, some lettuce, and then a little amount of the noodles, and

  • then you just roll it up like a burrito. Kind of stretch it a little bit, bottom and then

  • one side, and then the other, and then roll it up. There we have it. I am gonna go ahead

  • and eat this one now with some cock sauce, and some of my secret special dipping sauce

  • that the recipe is on the website, so you can look at that at

  • Mmmmm! Look, it looks really pretty because it's all colorful and it has a bunch of spit

  • on it. Anyway, I am gonna make some more of these, and I will see you later. Check out

  • for the recipe and the secret special dipping sauce recipe, and sayonara!

  • That's not, sorry, that was Japanese.

Hey there friends! My name is Hilah. Today we're going to make spring rolls on Hilah

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