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  • Have you ever been in a fight?

  • JABY: So what happened was all the boys in the neighbourhood wanted to meet up at one particular boys house,

  • Because he got access to his dads porn stash.

  • GINGER: Ooooohhhh!

  • JABY: There was a video. It was like black and white. It was like an hour long of just different scenes and stuff like that.

  • (Ginger laughs)

  • JABY: It was kinda weird cuz we were watching with other dudes.

  • It was my -- it was the first --

  • GINGER: Why do guys do that?!

  • JABY: I don't know. I -- I don't know, but it was like the first porn video I ever saw.

  • Basically we were all supposed to keep it a secret

  • Somehow dude's dad found out...

  • About every one watching it...

  • And they thought I told somebody.

  • And so all but one of them...

  • Basically sucker punched me, right?

  • That last person whose name I cant remember right now cuz it was soo long ago

  • I've must'v been like 8 years old

  • GINGER:His name was Rodney

  • JABY: Yeah... I told him what happened, frustrated.

  • And he's like, "Well, I didn't get to sucker punch you!"

  • And he tries to punch me and I am like "Stop it!" And he kept trying to punch me and I am like, "Stop!!!"

  • GINGER: Ohh my gosh!!

  • JABY:And eventually it turned into a scuffle. This before all the martial arts.

  • (Jaby laughs)

  • JABY: This is like I am a kid

  • I am actually winning the fight

  • But I start crying

  • And kids are like gathering around. And they're like, "Why are you crying?" And I'm like, "Because of our friendship!"

  • GINGER: Oh thats so sweet cuz you have a heart.

  • JABY: Exactly but...

  • But then it goes on for like hours and then --

  • GINGER: what?!!!!!!!

  • JABY: We end up like going down the block to this neighbors house and ALL the kids in the neighborhood have gathered.

  • And I -- and I'm like, "... I'm kinda tired...

  • "And I'd like to go home...

  • "Cuz its night time now...

  • "This is clearly not gonna stop anytime soon..

  • "I have to go..."

  • GINGER: Thats always a good choice.

  • JABY: I ran home to eat dinner

  • And then after that were you friends with Rodney any more?

  • -Yaa we were all friends after that

  • -Awwwww!! Was it worth it for watching that porn tho

  • -NOOOO!!

  • The porn was just awkward. It's like when you are 8 years old nothing makes sense, you're like, "What is that juice coming out of her?"

Have you ever been in a fight?

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