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What's up guys! It's Jeffrey!
So, I was browsing the internet with my friends the other day
And apparently some survey showed that amongst all ethnicities...
asian men are the least desired race when it comes to interracial dating in America.
H-how could this be?
Pst! It's cool. I mean, that didn't affect my self-confidence or anything.
After all these years...
I should have known...
Nah, it's not that big of a deal.
But because of that, now some of my friends are 110% convinced that I'll be marrying an asian girl.
Which don't get me wrong, I love Asian women.
But because I live in Canada, which is a very multi-cultural country,
I've also been really attracted to black, brown and white girls before.
So yeah, I can't say, I have an ideal type
and I would hate to feel like I shouldn't approach a girl that I like just because statistics say so.
Looks like I'll go with Taeyeon.
Yeah, that wouldn't make any sense.
On the contrary , if there is a mix of race and culture in a relationship,
which is usually the case anyways,
I think we should celebrate that
because it just shows that when it comes to love, there really isn't (aren't) any rules.
Aw, you two look adorable.
I mean, obviously not from the same descent,
and your cultures must be so different,
but it's just so beautiful to see you two together!
Yeah, that's not what I was really thinking, but you, you get the point, right?
Like most Asian parents, my dad would like me to eventually get an Asian wife.
but the only reason is that, he's worried, there could be a language barrier,
which I totally understand!
I'm sure my dad would love to have conversations with my future girlfriend.
Yeah, I mean, it'd be unfortunate if nobody put an effort in communicating.
Hey dad.
So this is my new girlfriend.
Wait! Dad? Do you speak spanish?
What the?
The truth is, a lot of my cousins are actually interracial babies,
and honestly they're, they're just normal, cool people.
Well actually, sometimes...ahh...
Hey Jeffrey!
Can you please pass me the soy sauce?
Ah yeah, sure.
It's so good!
Yeah my cousins are alright.
At the end of the day, I think it's a beautiful thing, that each culture is unique in their own way.
And you know what?
I'm proud to be Asian.
And with that being said...
If anyone wants to hit me up in the DMs,
you can, because guess who's still single!
(Awkward laugh)
Yeah yeah, it's me.
Anyways, I hope you also think that love shouldn't be defined by stereotypes or statistics.
Let me know what you think down below.
Thank you guys so much for watching. I'll see you guys very soon.
This is JeffreyFever and I'm pressing the record button.
Now, peace!
It's so not good.
Uhh, I don't know how my cousins do it.
Oh, he wants to play
Wow! She really doesn't like him, huh?
Oh, maybe because he's white
This is so good! Okay, I think we got it.
Oh my god!
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Interracial Relationship

12518 Folder Collection
Samuel published on February 13, 2018    吳秉宸 translated    Cyndi reviewed
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