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  • [What happens to your body when you're in love]

  • We all know how it feels when you see someone across the room.

  • Your eyes meet and everything slows down for a minute.

  • Your medial prefrontal cortex plays a big role in your initial attraction to someone.

  • And it judges physical attractiveness in just a milliseconds.

  • Does your heart flutter when you see your crush?

  • The adrenal gland causes the hormones adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine, to be pumped through your blood.

  • In turn, your heart beats more quickly.

  • Or maybe you get butterflies in your stomach.

  • This happens when adrenaline is sent to your lungs, muscles, and brain.

  • This also directs blood flow to those areas, with not a lot of blood left for your stomach.

  • Dopamine is also the reason you feel so good.

  • Tests show that love has a similar effect on dopamine levels as taking drugs, such as cocaine.

  • Sometimes, we get obsessed or fixated on our new love.

  • Couples who have recently fallen in love have significantly lower levels of serotonin.

  • This is also experienced by people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which may explain why you can't stop thinking about your new boo.

  • Falling in love can be stressful, though.

  • Cortisol, a stress hormone, is higher in people who have recently fallen in love.

  • But overtime, kissing your loved one will lower your cortisol levels.

  • One study even found, that being married will lengthen a man's life by seven years and a woman's by two years.

[What happens to your body when you're in love]

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How Does Love Affect Your Body?

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