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In this video you are going to learn 3 great ways to get an excellent mark in your IELTS
speaking exam. First tip. Make sure your speech always has a really great structure. That means make
sure have a beginning, middle and end. Second tip. Make your speech exciting and engaging
and interesting for the examiner. What does that mean? You need to describe what you
hear, what you see, what you smell, and what you can taste, and you guessed it, what you can touch? Use
all the 5 senses in your speeches to make them come to life. To make your English lively
and exciting and interesting. So you can get a really top mark. Last tip.
What you need is to be slow. Slow down! Don't say, "um, er". Say useful phrases like, "to tell
you the truth"... "well... in my opinion"... and so on. It will really help you. This has
been Charles Wood English Teacher. I hope these IELTS tips will get you a great mark.
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IELTS speaking tips. Tips for IELTS speaking. Speaking tips for IELTS.

3302 Folder Collection
ben published on May 29, 2017    Yvonne ,Lin translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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