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Ohoh! It's all so overwhelming and stressful!
But who has time to relieve stress when it's constantly building and building?
Well, we hope you do because studies have shown that too much stress leads to headaches, higher blood pressure, an upset stomach, memory loss, disrupted sleep, and increase risk for heart attacks.
Stress does a number on your mind and body.
Training your immune system, and messing with your ability to concentrate.
Having 10 sore muscles, shallow breaths, increased heart rate.
these are all signs that you might be too stressed out.
Hey, we all know that you can't take fewer classes.
You can't quit the track team, or resign from student government, we get it.
But here are a few tips that will help you feel calmer inside when your outside life gets too hectic.
One: Stay in and recuperate.
When stressed, you might feel the need to tackle everything on your to-do-list all at once.
But that sets you up for burnout and failure.
Instead, find a simple routine tasks to complete at home like doing the dishes or vacuuming.
Studies show that completing a repetitive task allows your brain to pare down and focus.
The perfect cure free worries scattered mind.
After you finish cleaning your house, clean yourself!
Yes, we wrote that clean yourself!
Because a warm bath or hot shower will boost your mood!
Studies have shown that the sensation of warm water triggers responses in the body and brain similar to those triggered by emotional warmth.
So think of your next shower like a soothing liquid hug.
If you find stress keeping you up all night, try progressive muscle relaxation just before bed.
That is a fancy way to describe clenching up every muscles in your body for a few seconds, and then letting go.
Lie on your back and start with your forehead continuing through your tummy down through your thighs and finally your little toes.
Repeat as needed until every muscle is complete relaxed.
Then, sleep like a baby.
Two: Get out for good vibes!
Downward doggy paddle your way through stress.
The spiritual mantra used in yoga and meditation help focus the mind and stave off feelings of anxiety.
Yoga not for you?
That's okay!
Go outside for a good dose of natural light and a little jog.
Exercise lessens anxiety and helps maintain feelings of calm, even in the face of distressing events.
Hey, leave the headphones behind.
All the distracting chatter from those texts and emails and tweets can wait.
And hey, instead of texting, emailing, or tweeting your best friend, why don't you guys just meet up and get in a good laugh.
Because laughter injects a surge of endorphins into the body, which creates feelings of happiness and euphoria, which is why you like them so much.
Three: here's the best one, treat yourself to something yummy.
Hmmm, chocolate.
Alright, look! We're not condoning emotional eating, because that's a whole other thing.
but there are treats that you can keep handy, that will improve your mood, like dark chocolate.
Certain chemicals in chocolate help relax the blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure.
You can also appeal to your sense of smell for relaxation.
The aromas of spearmint and lavender have proven destressing effects.
So go buy a lavender scented candle or pick up some spearmint tea.
Take a moment to yourself and breathe in the goodness.
There you have it WellCasters.
Our quick tips for stress relief.
You're gonna have to anticipate that life will be filled with ups and downs.
So when the challenges do come, you can take comfort now and knowing that there's a warm shower just on the other side of your bathroom, or a delicious piece of chocolate stashed in your bag so you’ll eat.
Be sure to incorporate stress relief strategies into your daily routine.
Make them as essential as breathing in through your nose and now through your mouth.
Well, that’s all from me today WellCasters.
Would you do me a kindness?
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See you later!
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Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind

64344 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on August 25, 2016
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