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- Hey, everybody.
This is Roberto Blake of robertoblake.com,
helping you create something awesome today.
So today, I want to actually share something
awesome that I've created to try and help
as many of you as possible.
A lot of you know and are familiar with my story,
and that, you know, ever since even before I
finished high school, and obviously while I was
working my way through college and
in between jobs, I was a freelance professional.
Whether I was doing freelance photography,
whether I had been doing freelance writing,
whether I was doing freelance graphic and web design.
I made a lot of money by using my skills
and giving them to people who really needed them,
and charging whatever I felt comfortable with.
Freelancing was very good to me.
It saw me through some very hard times.
It saw me to clear profitability and financial freedom,
and it allowed me to get to a place where today,
I'm very happy as a creative entrepreneur,
running my own business, and even outsourcing
and hiring other freelancers to do things
that help me create awesome things
for all of you and share them with the world.
So, what I did was I took a lot of those
best lessons learned and a lot of my experiences,
and I created some really cool free content for you guys.
I created an email course, and I created a free ebook
called, "Freelancing Is Not Free."
You get both the free ebook and you get
opted in to the weekly email course if you
sign up for it in the link in the description
and in the annotation, and you get that free and clear.
All you're doing is giving up an email address.
This is something that I could have
actually charged money for.
I debated with this with a lot of my friends.
I debated with this with my business advisors.
They told me that I should have
just made a $99 info product.
I should have just made a three hour video course
and sold it for 100 bucks, whether that was
as a download or a course online somewhere,
and you know what?
I almost did it.
But I really wanted to sit there, and decided that
the most important thing for me was to help
as many of you be successful and have at least
the fundamentals that you need to start
doing things like charging what you're worth,
understanding how to be productive,
what free tools and resources are available to you
as a freelancer, how to track your time,
how to audit yourself, how to figure out
what you're really good at and whether a
freelancing business is even for you in the first place.
So, that's why I did this free course.
I'm gonna be adding even more to it as time goes on.
You know, every now and again, and there will be
other free materials that I decide
to just throw out there.
There might come a time when I decide to
build out something a lot more robust,
and I will probably, you know, ask for
sales on something like that.
But in the meantime, I want all of you to
take advantage of this free email course
and the free ebook, as well as I think there's
other materials that I'm releasing like a
freelancer's checklist for how to capture money
and make sure that your clients pay.
There's all these great things that I just wish
had been available to me, you know, ten and fifteen
years ago when I was getting started.
So anyway, that is my gift to you.
That is how I'm gonna help you create awesome things
and share them with the world.
So, I hope to see you guys in the course.
If you have questions, leave those
in the comments section.
FYI, I'm filtering the comments just because
there's been so much spam lately for this particular thing.
So I have to actually approve the comments,
but don't worry.
I'm seeing all of them.
Links this time for the course are in the
annotation link above and in the description below,
so you don't want to miss out.
Anyway, like this video if you like it.
Don't forget to subscribe.
Share the offer for this free course with
anybody you think would find it helpful
in their freelance journey, and guys,
just remember that freelancing is not free.
There's a cost of doing business,
and there is a value to what you're doing,
and I want to help you make sure that
you're valuing yourself appropriately.
As always, you guys, thanks so very much
for watching, and don't forget,
create something awesome today.
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Getting Started as a Freelancer: Free Course and Book

383 Folder Collection
Bruce Lee published on March 28, 2017
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