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  • All the things that you need to get done are stored all over.

  • In your email inbox, on random pieces of paper or in your brain.

  • You often forget to do things.

  • You get overwhelmed by big tasks and overall your mind feels cluttered.

  • If you want to be a ninja at getting things done, you need a system.

  • Here are some tips.

  • First collect everything you have to do in one place.

  • This is a big brain dump where you can write down any task that comes to mind.

  • Whenever you think of something you have to do, don't store it in your prefrontal cortex.

  • Write it down.

  • We call this your "inbox."

  • Next, put things from your inbox into a place you know you will look at, at the right time.

  • This might be your calendar, a shopping list, or in a project folder.

  • Speaking of projects, if a task can't be done without a series of steps, then you need to turn that task into a project by brainstorming every individual step required to complete that project.

  • Start practicing these simple things and you'll find that your mind is clear and you're knocking out tasks one at a time.

All the things that you need to get done are stored all over.

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