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In the name of God the most merciful
the most beneficial in the most merciful who is the god of all mankind
when i go and speak
the only problem I face is that the podium is usually taller than me
so I hope it would be good this time
I am feeling honored that
I'm being chosen as a the nobel laureate
and I have been honored with this this precious award
the Nobel Peace Prize and I'm proud that i am the first
Pakistani and the first young woman or the first young person
who is getting this award it's a great honor for me
and I'm also really happy that I'm sharing this award with a person
that I'm sharing this award with a person
with a person from India whose name is kailash Satyarthi
and his great work for
child's rights his great work against child slavery
totally inspired me and i'm really happy
that there are so many people who are walking for children's rights
and i am not alone and he totally deserves this award so i'm feeling honored that I'm sharing
this award with him
he received this award and we both
are the two (uhh) nobel award receivers
One is from Pakistan one is from India
One believes in Hinduism and one strongly believes in uh Islam
and it gives a message to people. gives a message to the people of love
between Pakistan and India and between different religions and we both
support each other. it does not matter what's the color of your skin
and what language do you speak. what religion do you believe in
it is that we should all consider each other as human beings and we should
each other and we should all fight for our rights
for the rights of children, for the rights of women and for the rights of every
human being
most of all I would like to thank my family
my dear father, my dear mother. for their love for their support
as my father always say he didnt give me something extra
what he did that, he did not clip my wings
so I'm thankful to my father for not clipping my wings,
for letting me to fly and achieve my goal
a girl is not supposed to be the the slave
a girl has the power to go forward in her life. and she's not only a mother
and she isn't only a sister. she's not only a wife
but a girl has the... she should have an identity she should be
recognized and she had equal rights as a boy
even though my brothers think they are treated
that I'm treated very well and they're not treated very well
but that's fine if it comes
if that's it. but that's fine and
well I would like to share with you how I found about the Nobel Peace Prize then
and it's quite exciting because
I was in my chemistry class and we were starting a lot and actually see it
at the time was i thinkin 10:15 so the time of the announcement of the Nobel Peace
Prize was gone
and before that i was not expecting that I'll get this award
and I'll when it went to like 10:15
i was totally sure that I haven't won it but then suddenly one of my teacher came into the
class and
she called me. she said "I have something important to tell you"
and i was totally surprised when she told me that congratulations
you have won the Nobel Peace Prize and you are sharing it with
a great person who is also working for children's rights and
it's sometimes quite difficult to express your feelings but I felt
really honored, i felt more powerful and more courageous
because this award is not just a piece of metal or a medal that you will wear or an
award that would keep in your room but
this is really an encouragement for me to go forward
and to believe in myself to know that there are people who are supporting me
in this campaign
and we are standing together and we all
want to make sure that every child gets quality education
so this really. this is really something
something great for me. however,
when I found out that I have won the Nobel Peace Prize
I decided that I would not leave my school
rather I'd finish my school time. I went to the physics lesson
I learned. I went in the English lesson and it was totally like a
I considered it as a normal day. and I was really happy by the response of my teachers then
my fellow students. they were all saying that we are proud of you and
I am really thankful to my school. to my teachers, to my school fellows for
their love for their support and
really encourage me in there supporting me so I'm really happy
even though it's not going to help me in my test in exams because it
totally depends on my hard work
but still I'm really happy. that they are supporting me
I've got. I've received this award
but this is not the end. this is not the end of
this campaign which I have started I think this is really the beginning
and I want to see every child going to school. there are still fifty million
children who have not
received education who are still out of the primary schools and I want to see
every child going to school and getting education
because I have myself suffered the same situation when I was in Swat valley
and you all may know that
In Swat there was Talibanisation and because of them nobody was allowed to
go to school
at that time I stood up for my rights and said that I will speak up
I did not wait for someone else. I did not wait for someone else
I had really 2 options. one was
not to speak and wait to be killed second was and the second was
to speak up and then be killed and i choose the second one
because at that time there was terrorism women were not allowed to go outside
of their houses cause education was totally banned
people were killed. at that time I needed to raise my voice
because I wanted to go back to school. I was also one of those girls who couldn't
not get education
I wanted to learn
I wanted to learn and be who I can be my future
and I also had dreams like a normal child has
I wanted to become a doctor at that time now I want to become a politician
a good politician and
when I heard that I can't go to school. I just..for a second thought that I will
never be able to become
a doctor. and I will never able to be
who I want to be in future. and my life will be just getting married at the age
of 13 or 14
not going to school. not becoming who I really can be
so I decided that I will speak up. through my story
I want to tell other children all around the world that they should stand up for their
they should not break for someone else and their voices
are more powerful their voices it would seem
they are weak but at the time when no one speak your voice gets so loud and
everyone has to listen to it everyone has to hear it. so it's my message to
children all around the world that they should stand up for their rights
and the award that I have received
the Nobel Peace Prize. I believe that the Nobel Committee
they haven't given it just to me but this award is for all those children
who are voiceless whose voices need to be hard
and I speak for them and I stand up with them
and i join them in their campaign that their voices should be heard
and they should be listened and they have rights
they have the right to receive the right to
receive quality education. they have the right
not to suffer from Child labor. not to suffer from child trafficking
they have the right to live a happy life. so i stand up with
all those children and this award is especially for them
it gives them courage
at the end, I'd like to share with you that I had a phone call
with honorable Kailash I can't pronounce
his surname like accurately so I'm
so please I just ask for forgiveness. I'll just call him Kailash
if he wouldn't mind. so I had a phone call with him right now
and we both talked that how important it is that every child goes to
school in every child gets quality education
and how many issues are there that the children are suffering but are not yet
so we both decided that we will walk together
for this goal. that every child get quality education
and do not suffer from these issues other than that
we also decided as he's from India and I am from Pakistan
we'll try to build strong relationships between India and Pakistan
and nowadays you know that there is tension on the border and
and the situation is getting. it's not like
as we are expecting we want Pakistan and India to have good relationships
and the tension that is going on is really disappointing and I am really sad because
I want both the countries to have dialogue to have
talks about peace and to think about progress to think about development
rather than fighting with each other it's important that both the countries
focus more on education focus more on development and progress
which is good for both of them. So we both decided that
I requested him that. would it be possible that he
request his honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi
to join us here when we receive the Nobel Peace Prize in December
and I promised that I will also request the honorable Prime Minister of
Nawaz Sherif to join us when I and he get the Nobel Peace Prize
and I myself request the honorable
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the honorable prime minister Nawaz Sherif
that they both join us when we receive the Nobel Peace Prize I really believe in peace
i really believe in tolerance and patience and it is very important for the
progress of both countries
that they have peace and they have good relationships. this is how they are going
to achieve
success and this
is how to. they're going to progress. so it's my humble request and I
hope it will be
heard it will be listened. at the end I want to say that I'm really happy for
your support
I used to say that I think I do not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize
I still believe that but I believe that
it is not only an award for what I've done but it is also encouragement
For giving me hope for giving me the courage
to go and continue this campaign to believe in myself and to know that
I'm not alone. there are hundreds and thousands and millions who are supporting
so once again thank you so much to all of you thank you.
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Malala's Nobel peace prize speech english Subtitled (please turn on Captions (cc) )

762 Folder Collection
Sam Sung published on November 28, 2016
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