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- Oh no, that doesn't feel right.
My eyes are burning and I think that's not a good sign.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Eyeliner's impossible.
Without a mirror, it's gonna be a mess.
- It looks really hard.
- I am not expecting great things.
- I feel like I'm gonna be pretty good at this.
- Well try.
- This is just what I use on a day-to-day basis.
- Put on a blush, touch up a brow.
- Liner for my eyes.
And a concealer.
- It's very complicated stuff.
- I have no idea like how much product
I'm actually putting on my face.
Oh god, you're smiling.
- I'm like trying to imagine my face in my head.
- Now be blunt.
It's basically like beat the (bleep) out of your face.
- I feel weird 'cause you don't know where to look.
- I don't feel like I'm having any me time,
'cause I can't see me.
- Make sure everything's blended as hell.
- I'm seeing if everything's blended in.
- Bronzer.
This could be bad.
- Oh (bleep), I put that on too high,
I can tell you that right now.
- Oh god, I don't know where my cheekbones are.
- My body just knows what to do.
- I do this every freakin' day,
but right now I really feel lost.
- Eyebrows.
(bleep) it.
- I'm feeling for the hairs, to see where they are.
- I actually don't fill in my brows, ever.
- (bleep).
- It feels like I'm just drawing on my forehead.
- Oh god.
Here goes the liquid eyeliner.
- I am so terrified to do this right now.
- I feel my heart braking inside.
- Oh (bleep), it's up there, I can feel it.
- I have no idea if they're even.
I don't even know if they're filled in right now.
- I know there's eyeliner up here right now.
- I don't even wanna see this eyeliner mess.
- Do I look flawless?
(bleep) this.
- My eyebrows for sure, I don't wanna see.
- Okay.
- Oh, damn!
- Okay, I didn't blend in my bronzer at all.
I look like I took like five shots.
- This isn't that terrible.
I would honestly do this in real life.
- That's crazy.
I don't even need a mirror to do my makeup.
- I got some nice highlights.
(bleep), it is blended.
'Cept for that booger I have in my nose.
- It's kind of like abstract triliner.
This should inspire all of you.
- I feel like there's also a satisfaction
in watching yourself do your own makeup.
If I'm feeling myself, like, that's all that matters.
(electronic instrumental music)
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Women Try The No-Mirror Makeup Challenge

194 Folder Collection
Fang Yi Lin published on October 2, 2016
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