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I've got burger juice on my bare foot
- That's disgusting - You're vegan, you wouldn't get it
Hi guys welcome back to my channel
and if you're new here, I'm Rosie and that's my wife, Rose
Today we're going to be talking about our relationship
we're actually married, but we're just going to be talking about our relationship in general
Has YouTube affected our relationship?
and I think it's quite interesting one, as people know that uhh
- some of the Lesbian Youtubers have broken up - WHAT?!
There was also that couple who i think called Boy VS Girl who are quite
famously broke up said "ohh it's the pressure vlogging"
- I checked out their channel and they're back together - Yay!
- Vlogging everyday, tell me about it - Right, i don't do it
personally I think that number one - it's quite intrusive in a sense
yeah you're letting people like see your life. You're sharing everything, your journey so to speak
with your audience which is lovely but
also it doesn't give you a lot of time off of camera to...
Have sex!
-well that's one of the things but also to just do you -yeah
- not everything needs to be, not everything needs to be interrupted first of all, but shared
I think there needs to be a clear distinction, Rosie, between what you decide to put on the internet and
also what you do in your personal time.
Now, the good thing about our channel is everything that you put out there is genuinely
conversations that we normally have off the camera - Yup yup
But i still..even though that being said, I still don't want to have every conversation that is natural
on camera. Because I feel like something... - Yeah there're some conversations
..need to be discussed off the camera - Yeah, agree
Like your breath
When we were at Vidcon on the LGBT panel
We were talking about boundaries, what you do and don't share
by the way if you can hear a noise in the background, it's the dog eating
And we said
we don't really have boundaries of what we share and we don't.
We never said "oh i will discuss this and i won't discuss this"
I don't have boundaries, but that doesn't mean to say that i want to have every conversation with you on camera
I can have a best friend right, but
if you see them every single day, you're gonna fall out,
you're going get annoyed of each other. You can't spend too much time together
even though we somehow manage to do it, but whatever.
But yeah..but occasionally we gonna argue
but you're going to get a little bit pissy with someone if you see them every day
and in that sense I think that the daily vlogging
it's like having an audience with you all the time, so i think you need a break
yeah one thing I will say is, from doing youtube we have built up obviously an audience
and then they the audience, you guys, come across and you're on our twitter, tumblr, instagram
Really annoying
and one thing that has changed is that i used to not care about what i tweeted
I don't really care too much now but it's very different tweeting something and a few of your friends replying
and then tweeting something to an audience and it's quite overwhelming
having so many different reponses. And like I don't know I guess
Yeah you can't be as homophobic as you like
and then it's quite overwhelming to read all these difference opinions
and then it makes you think "what's my opinion now?" because
so many viewers say all different things. Do you think it's like weaken your personality?
because so many people are saying different things about you and to you on the internet
My personality can't be touched.
But in terms of that affecting our relationship
I think that sometimes if i argue with someone on twitter, which is rare that it happens
uhm then maybe i'll be like really angry, maybe we won't have a very good day
because i'll be worked up
Another thing I think is difficult being on the internet is
because we're two women in a relationship
I think we got.. get compared to.. against each other like pitted against each other
when it's not really a comparison - right, where is..
-there's no contest
I feel like if we were a man and a woman, that wouldn't happen
and for some reason I've never been able to fathom why
"Fafom"? - Yeah "fafom"
[Rosie says fathom as fafom]
You said faff...Rosie - fafom
you said "fafom", what the fuck is fafom?
Babe why can't you say "th"?
I can't...i say thumb [Rosie pronounce the "th" as "f"]
What did you just say? - "f"umb
Babe i did not married that
That's not what i married
Yeah you did
Women are more than looks. We've come a long way since
like the forties when we were just like pretty housewives who baked
so it's like why in this day and age when we're trying to be educated we're
trying to get equality you know we're trying to like you know really change
the world..so then it's like why you're like "that one's prettier"
it's like oh my god, we are more than looks
like you don't want men to judge your looks right
We are more than truth also
- I could sit here and troll this conversation because i naturally like to do that..
- yeah, misogyny. - ..but Rosie has. got. a point
- yeah! - just because we're together and we're a same-sex couple and we're both absolutely stunning-
- it wouldn't happen if we were a man and a woman. - doesn't mean that we need to be compared to each other.
- yeah. - it causes stress and pressures on my relationship. not!
- but I think we're lucky that we're somehow not too sensitive about, because I guess it depends on
personalities but I think that could be a real pressure- - Well, i think that if you're going to put yourself
on the internet, whether it's alone or as a couple, you've got to have a
slightly thicker skin than anybody else. - Yeah
Out of the years I have developed quite thick skin, not like a clinical way where I need to get treated
or anything, but in a way that, you know, it's like one flip. You say something bad to me, yeah you might
get to me a little bit, but tomorrow I'm going to forget it, do you know what I mean? But it's harder when
your main "competition" is your wife
- yeah - but only you create that, not us.
Yeah. We're not in a competition with one another.
We already won.
here's something that annoys you about being online- that pressure that may affect
us online. - bandwidth.
- I definitely think that if we were doing it every day, there is less time in the day
you're right
just maybe it's not the audience, maybe it's not the vlogging of day, but maybe
it's the equivalent of having a long-houred high-pressured job.
- There could be a problem if YouTube ever became unfun to do
because first of all you guys would be able to tell from our videos that we weren't enjoying it
- Yeah. - I think that would, in itself, would put pressure on our
relationship because if we didn't like what we did,
- Yeah - but we had to do it to make money , then- - but the question is, is there such a word as "unfun"?
- Of course there is. - Do you mean "not fun"?
- Unfun. - I don't think that's a word.
- It's- it's not hyphenated. Yeah. It's an English word. It's- it's American British.
- Does that mean the word "un" is a word?
If it's not hyphenated, that means "un" is a word? Yeah, you're breaking the rules. You're trying to trick me.
- ..So? - I'm good at English, it's the only thing I've got. Even though I can't say "fathom".
What's our biggest YouTube related argument been about?
- Don't think we've ever had one.
I'll tell you one way, in that YouTube makes us argue. - Go on.
- Now, this actually makes me feel great,
sometimes our gaming equipment doesn't work
when we're about to film, and Rose gets really angry really quickly about things like
technology because- - Oh, I go from 1 to 100 in a second
- I get it. In Rose's mind, Rose is like, technology should work
- Yeah, yeah , yes. - right, like press a button, on.
Don't know how to press a button, off. Like- why- it's just simple- technology
either it works or it does'nt and sometimes it'll like, for some reason our
game capture software like, I don't know, doesn't work
- Yeah - Rose gets really irate. She's like, "Fuck's sake! I've- you know
- You don't want to see me have - I got up early..
a technology-related issue.
I feel like, because we got married for the right reasons, we've been together for a long time
started- uh- YouTube before it was a thing, like, well obviously it was a thing
- We weren't trying to do- be YouTube famous.
- We weren't, right, we weren't trying to be YouTube famous or internet celebrities
obviously, you know, we- that has manifested in itself because that's our destiny, but-
- Obviously we're A-list now. - I just feel like- I just feel like because we
started YouTube for the right reasons, number one, we started dating for the right reasons, number two,
nothing is fake because I feel like if something is fake or maybe even just
exaggerated for YouTube - Or staged, yeah. - Or staged
That is just an early grave in terms of your relation and a career- - Well, it depends if
you can act, and i'm not saying we can't act- I would love to do something scripted, but
everything is genuine. - Anything that's, like, disingenuous and not authentic I feel
like has a very limited shelf life - Yeah, 'cos there's only so long that you can fake it
- But no, I mean we're not faking anything. If anything we're faking is the fact that we're sisters.
but yeah! [both say it at the same time] - that's weird
Just like we're married
- I don't know why - See this is why we're good on camera because you can
slap me and I'm gonna laugh about it
YouTube may have made our relationship stronger or our relationship might have just grown, naturally
blossomed and then as we were doing that we were also YouTubeing from day 1, so that's
grown. So maybe we're just- it has to have affected our relationship because it wasn't like
we were in a relationship and then suddenly we turn the cameras on our lives-
- Exactly! - and then had to cope with that. We've actually- and it's- it was good almost
because when our relationship was small and growing and developing, our audience was
small and growing and developing, and- you know- now we're married and we have a bigger audience, but
it's like, you know, we're obviously married because we can cope with our relationship,
the ups and downs. That's why we got married- you know- we're in it for the long haul.
- Yeah. Guys, we're just like you
you know, we're human beings, so - But we're not poor.
- We- exactly, exactly, we're not poor and we dress better. But I just want to say that- you
know- we have our bad days too. You know, how much of that can I blame on YouTube?
Probably none of it.
- Yeah - you know, because we go through normal human being
type feelings in our relationship. - Yeah, we've gotta have a bad- we can't go through life- like I'm a positive person,
but I can't be happy 24/7 like that, that's so unrealistic. - Exactly.
So we do have negative emotions, just like I'm sure you do,
so we're very real in that sense. - We just have less than you 'cause we have a great job.
- Well the money makes it easier so- - Yeah, best fiends
when we feel bad, we'll just go blow a few thousand - Yeah
- Spend that dollar. - When you feel bad- when you feel bad
- You can't make it rain - you're going to blow your nose
- That's all you're gonna blow - That's all you're gonna blow
- Do you know what really annoys me?
When you have a go at me for making a barrier between us in bed with the duvet- - Rose makes a barrier
- I don't mean to do it, but I'm comfy if I make the barrier
that I'd roll on. I have to have one leg in and one leg out.
I'm just- I'm that kind of girl. - You make a barrier
- It's not a barrier! It's just my comfort procedure, and you take it so personally, like
[high pitched] "Ohmygod you're making a barrier between us! We're like married, touch me touch me!"
Even though it's like, 30 degrees outside and
your hot sweaty naked body is on mine. I'm like: I'm dying!
- Yeah but the question is, how angry are you genuinely about this?
- Not that angry. Just trying to make an argument here. - Exactly!
- Ok something I need to talk about in this video is the fact that a lot of
comments had said "Oh Rose, you don't kiss Rosie as much anymore in videos"
Let me tell you why. So I went through this phase of really worrying
that anything overly sexual was going to drive views and traffic to the channel
but I didn't want views and like- - Because we kiss. - I didn't- I didn't want it for those
reasons so I actively stopped kissing Rosie for several months in videos
- Even though you would naturally kiss me, we were never kissing because it was forced
we'd actually like- used to, like, sometimes you'd, like, hump me and shit on camera
but you were like "look, I don't want to get views 'cause of that. I'm trying to be entertaining-
So I went through this phase of worrying that every time I naturally kissed Rosie which was completely genuine-
- People thought it was fake - would be perceived as fake or like clickbait or anything
like that, which I can understand. Um, so-
But then I made you realize that actually the most unnatural thing and most fake thing is to
not kiss me when you wanted to
So I was like, look, if you want to kiss me, kiss me, if you don't, don't, but don't like actively
not touching your wife - actively do one or the other, right.
- it's just as bad as kissing me just for views, they're both just as bad. Just be natural.
And Rose was like, "Yeah, that's what we're about." - So now I don't really give much of a shit because
I just think "yeah okay if I kiss her, I kiss her. If I don't, I don't. If I use like a
slightly kissing thumbnail
then I will. That's not clickbait because if I kiss in the video- - So what, if we're kissing in the video-
and I kiss in the thumbnail, that's exactly what it says in the tin. So that's why I didn't kiss
Rosie for a while but now we're back to being completely genuine because I thought
what better thing to do- uh-
to promote a genuine relationship
than to be genuine and kiss Rosie whenever I want to kiss Rosie.
that's what we want to show our audience.
This is our natural relationship. - So yeah, it did affect our relationship for a
while, me being very very sensitive about what might drive views and what might not but now
who cares!
We're just going to keep doing us and there you go. So all in all, guys, I don't really feel like
YouTube has negatively affected our relationship. If anything it makes it stronger,
it's good because we started at the right time, you guys have grown up with our relationship, so
everything you see has been authentic and real, and I feel like you guys actually give us
strength to pull through any issue that we might have because you guys ship it so much.
It makes me ship myself.
- So the moral of the story is, I don't think YouTube has affected our relationship in any way
I think we are not overly sensitive and if anything comes our way, we get past it.
- If anything, it's affected us positively. - Yeah.
Like, comment, subscribe. See you in the comments below
Take care guys!
- Bye! - Bye!
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