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Formal talks of the UK's exit from EU may not begin until autumn 2017 or later, according to senior officials in Brussels and London.
Delays due to complexity of negotiations and the spate of European elections
would mean continued uncertainty for business over the future UK-EU relations.
The Turkish authorities have urged countries in central Asia and Africa to close institutions funded by Fethullah Güllen.
The US-based cleric who President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for the failed coup.
And taxi app Uber has given up its battle for control of China's car-hailing market.
It is a great sell out operation in the country to Chinese rival Didi Chuxing in exchange for 20 percent stake in Didi.
The Chinese company would invest one billion dollars in the equity stake in Uber global business.
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Brexit negotiations delayed, Turkey crackdown | FirstFT

37 Folder Collection
Kiara published on August 5, 2016    Kiara translated    reviewed
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