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- Good morning, clan.
What happened, Brice?
- I had to finish this over the weekend,
but I forgot about it.
- [Man] You forgot about it.
Can't be doin' that, dude.
Can't be doin' that.
Mommy can't always be saving you.
You had to color some Halloween themed stuff, cut 'em out.
Were you put 'em up on the wall at school or something?
- Yeah, we're gonna put them on this paper.
- [Man] Oh, you're gonna make a collage.
So you got the witch, you got the pot, got it.
- [Boy] The only reason why I fold this
so it could fit in my backpack.
- [Man] Gotcha. Gotcha.
Cool cool. Witches brew.
- What's up, guys?
So, kids are home from school
and you guys already watched a movie.
Like, kinda crazy.
They got, Sierra got home and was like,
"I wanna watch a movie."
Or did Mommy ask you?
- Yeah, Mommy asked me.
I had no homework, so.
- She had no homework so they watched a movie
with Adam Sandler called, The Cobbler.
Cute movie, right?
It was funny, yeah.
But I just put up a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare video
I'll have ante in the cards here.
And I went through Final Cut Pro and I was like,
"Oh, I still have two Minecraft videos of Sierra's to edit."
and I told Sierra I'm gonna teach her
how to edit her own Minecraft videos.
That way, A, they get more in a timely manner
and B, she has more stake in them.
Like, I shot 'em, now I'm gonna edit them,
and then they feel more like her videos.
- Yeah, cause if I wanna add something to it,
like add something on the actual video screen or something,
then I can do that.
- We have Final Cut Pro X loaded up,
that's what I use to edit my videos with.
I'm gonna teach her how to use it.
It's very very simple.
And I'm just gonna teach her the basics on how to edit.
We're gonna do a Minecraft video right now.
You excited?
She's so excited.
Okay, so I've already got your clips imported into here
but basically if we just shot the video,
you would right-click on here and import media.
So you would click on here and you see all the clips?
So you would just click on the clip
that you would need to import.
Right? So, import into Final Cut.
You understand, you get the concept of the name?
Import, right?
What does export mean?
- Take it out?
- Exactly. Exactly.
Time for some baseball.
- Yeah.
- [Man] Don't lie. Don't lie.
You're not excited.
I asked him straight up if he didn't wanna play baseball
and he was like, "I wanna play baseball.
I just don't wanna practice. I just wanna play the game."
I was like, "Everyone's gotta practice though, bro.
No one's perfect. Even professionals practice
on a daily basis."
(metallic clang)
- [Coach] Three more steps, there ya go.
Watch the ball, take a step forward.
There ya go, alright, here we go!
Run up on it!
Get that glove down, guys!
You gotta stop that ball!
Run up on it! Run up on it! Run up on it! Run up on it!
Get it to second! Get it to second!
(metallic ping)
Run, Sierra!
Touch the base! Touch the base!
Get it. Get it. Get it.
Throw it to first! Throw it to first!
Yay! Good job!
Good job.
- [Woman] Tricks, huh? One hand?
Whoa, fancy fancy.
- Where are we?
- Chipotle.
- Chipotle. Not not chip-ol-tee?
Chipotle. Chipotle, right?
- People call it that, but it's not chip-ol-tee.
- Yeah, we've been craving Chipotle
for a couple weeks now, right?
Yeah, a couple weeks.
And so we're finally here, what're you gonna get?
- Burrito bowl.
- Burrito bowl with?
- I might try the black beans, white rice
- Let's go!
- White rice with black beans.
(people chattering)
- [Man] Chipotle on the patio.
Look at the goodness.
Look at it.
Look at it.
Everybody happy? Everybody happy?
Yummy yummy yummy.
- I remember my first time finishing a burrito bowl.
- [Man] You do?
- I think it was my first time having one
but it with you and uncle Austin.
- [Man] Oh, yep yep.
Baby's out of food, so we're here grabbing some food
and I bought her a bag of this at poppa's house
and she really liked it so we're gonna get her
a big bag of it and bring it home.
We're steppin' up our dog food.
- If I had that dog, I would name it Butchy.
- {Man] Butchy?
- Cause it's kinda bushy and butchy. Butchy.
- [Man] That makes no sense.
All the Halloween stuff is on clearance now.
Kids are playin' around havin' some fun.
- [Boy] I hate this one!
Too many hairs.
- [Man] Looks good on you.
- [Man] Oh, look at her. She's so excited!
She's like, "I'm hungry! Feed me!"
There ya go. That's good. That's good.
Pig out.
There ya go, guys! That's our Monday.
Stay tuned, come back tomorrow for Tuesday
where I'm gonna be going up north with my dad
to winterize their cabin.
They have a cabin up there
we've been tryin' to go there for a while
I've never been there before,
but it's gonna be freezing there in the next day or two
- Will it be like, snowing?
- Not snow, just freezing temperatures.
My dad has to go up there to like, do stuff
with the water pipes so they don't freeze and bust
and blow up and all that stuff.
So I'm gonna go up there with him,
and these guys, I may or may not be able to make it
it just depends on what time we get back,
but these guys are gonna be meeting up with
Uncle Ron and Great Grandma.
Poppa's mom is coming into town,
so you'll be going to dinner with them
and hangin' out with them.
I'll eventually meet up with them as well,
but it should be an action packed day tomorrow, guys.
Road trip with my dad and out of town relatives,
so we'll see you then!
Rock on!
- Rock on.
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LEARN SOME STUFF (11.2.15 - Day 1311)

533 Folder Collection
Pedroli Li published on February 20, 2016
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