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  • Question: How much of this is all gonna be public, like, if I write in there about my deepest darkest fantasies, will this be displayed to the people of YouTube?

  • [We asked four people to try journaling for 10 minutes a day, for 30 days straight.]

  • [Journaling regularly is thought to be a healthy way to help a person deal with emotions and improve mental health.]

  • So I was thinking about my first time journaling and I was in sixth grade.

  • And I'd written this journal and my friends found the journal, and read it out loud, and laughed at me, so I threw the journal in the trash.

  • I kept several journals as a child.

  • I would write who my crush was, and what I wanted to do to my enemy.

  • I'm coming in as a grown woman with no journaling experience.

  • I had this red Ferrari notebook and, like every other journal I've ever had, I did about three entries, and then that was the last entry.

  • Kind of hoping that maybe I'll at least fill up half the book.

  • I'm excited to journal because this is gonna be retribution for my stolen journal when I was abroad in college.

  • [Week One]

  • Ok, it's journal time.

  • I'm in my bedroom. There's my journal.

  • It's happening.

  • I'm hanging out in the back of my minivan, and I'm about to do my first entry in my journal.

  • So far it's been kinda tough cause I'm out of practice my hand hurts, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be writing about.

  • I have usually been journaling so far in the evenings in my dining room which is where I am now

  • Um... I haven't been doing it that well. Gonna be honest.

  • [Halfway Point]

  • [We checked in with our journalers to discuss their experiences and share their entries.]

  • I spend way too much time sitting there going, "I should be journaling. I should be journaling."

  • Don't you guys do that?

  • Um, it just comes out. It's like word vomit for me. And drawing vomit.

  • And I'm just like all over the place in this thing, and then my cat plays with this string.

  • And it's so cute and amazing.

  • At first, I was like, what do I want to write about? What I might... And it's just kind of like coming out of me.

  • I mean it is interesting to have a journal which feels like the offline, like, most inner thoughts versus, like, all the social media that I work in.

  • To me, it seems like Instagram and Twitter and all of those things are such a carefully architectured version of how someone wants to present their life.

  • And journaling is essentially, at least for me, about the messy-complicated-not-so-sunny thoughts.

  • You know, Hillary got that journaling versus Instagram thing in my head.

  • And I haven't stopped thinking about that, and she's totally right it's very... it's very introspective.

  • Journaling is the opposite of Instagram, and I've never journaled before.

  • And I've definitely Instagramed before, and it's interesting to do both on the same day.

  • I'm a journaler at heart. It's just a way to create every day in some type of way.

  • When did you stop dancing?

  • When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories?

  • When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

  • I think the question I would ask myself is when did you stop creating?

  • I'm enjoying, kind of, just taking this time for myself every day.

  • So I've been journaling a lot in my van, parked places.

  • I like to do it 'cause new environment is kind of inspiring.

  • My boyfriend is recording with his band right now.

  • And I'm doodling in my journal.

  • It's really fun to draw and write my journal while I'm around such created and inspiring people.

  • So I think I'm getting a little bit better at this journaling thing.

  • I've realized I can write down the weird dreams that I have about Tina Fey.

  • I've been trying to have a little bit more fun with the journal and do drawings and stuff.

  • But it also just feels like a chore all the time, just like my nightly homework assignment. Draw in the journal.

  • [Final Thoughts]

  • - This one I think you'll all enjoy. - "I am so overwriting in this damn book all the time." - I quit.

  • So I'm not that into journaling.

  • What are your reasons? You don't like it? I've written nothing important.

  • It's like, I bought a projector today. Let's see how I like it.

  • I've been trying to figure out the best way to set it up. I need a screen.

  • That... like this. Why do I write that down?

  • You know, in retrospect, I wish I'd hired a journaling Ghost Rider.

  • I think the number one thing I learned: I don't want to journal to, like, reflect on my life.

  • I think it's more fun to talk about silly weird stuff.

  • Red ink, red book, red shorts.

  • I was writing this while wearing red shorts with a red pen in a red book.

  • So I was really excited about that.

  • I realize that being looser really allowed me to have more fun with it.

  • Instead of going through Instagram or going on Twitter whatever, I would doodle in my journal for a second.

  • And I liked that a lot.

  • I learned there's a reason I haven't been journaling for so many years, 'cause, like, journaling is not my fav.

  • I think my big takeaway was that journaling should be used as a sketch pad for your ideas and your thoughts, and a place to let your mind wander.

  • I feel like there will be another period after this when it'll make sense to journal again.

  • Well, I love that my cat loves the string. That's like my favorite thing ever.

  • My cats love journaling just as much like I do.

Question: How much of this is all gonna be public, like, if I write in there about my deepest darkest fantasies, will this be displayed to the people of YouTube?

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