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Don't know why I just did that. Hi, I'm Carl Kwan and this is Presentation
Quick Tip #9. In this video, I'm going to talk about how
to remember what to say in a presentation. First of all, do not try to memorise your
script. It's a big no-no.
If something were to go wrong in the middle of your presentation, you're going to forget
everything, you'll be so distracted. And then you'll be totally screwed.
The second thing is that you may not sound as natural in delivering that.
You'll sound like you are talking at the audience and not talking to the audience.
So what can you do instead? Well, there are three things you can do.
First of all, prepare well in advance. Make sure you know your topic really well
and also know your audience really well and what they want to hear.
Second of all, write everything out in point form.
Do not write everything in sentences; you'll be tempted to memorise those sentences.
And number three, practice, practice, practice. But practice by focusing on recording yourself
and then watching and listening if you're using filler words like "like" and "um" or
"you know," which I'm guilty of. And also, check to see that you are meeting
the time requirements. Also check if your content is being delivered
clearly, if you're speaking well. And also maybe think about, "OK, can I take
something out, can I add something in to my presentation to make it better."
So that is how you remember what to say in a presentation.
Make sure you repeat step number three over and over until you are very natural, calm
and confident in delivering your presentation in the time allowed.
That is Presentation Quick Tip #9. If you have any questions or comments about
this one, please leave them below this video. Thank you for watching.
Talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.
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Presentation Quick Tip #9 - How to Remember What to Say in a Presentation

7534 Folder Collection
劉善驊 published on December 14, 2013
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