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[music playing]
BERTRAND: Focus your energy.
Hold it.
Let it circulate through every nerve and channel.
Now push the power outwards, towards the book.
That's it.
Well done, Vladdy.
-Keep going.
THE COUNT: At last we'll see how you lead us into the future.
-Ugh. [sigh].
-Two fingers, that's it.
If you were any good at your job, this pile of bones
would have given up weeks ago.
Vladdy would be commanding a glorious vampire army, and I--
I would be out of this stinking breather hole.
And in a luxury castle in Surrey.
-Well, it's just a little pad I've had my eye on for a while.
If it wasn't for this buffoon, I'd
be picking out a portcullis by now.
Do better, or you'll answer to me.
-[sigh] He's right.
You should've opened the book by now.
You've got the raw power, I can sense it.
Something's distracting you.
-No he didn't.
He said kismet.
-Oh, uh, global warming.
Well, yeah, you know, the little polar bears and penguins.
-All right.
Let's take a break.
We'll do vertical flying at eight.
-Yeah. "Romeo and Juliet."
-Ah, pretty stupid story, right?
-One guy gets the wrong message at the wrong time,
and they both end up--
-(IN UNISON): Dead.
VLAD: So, I was thinking.
If you'd like, maybe you and me could go into town?
Not like on a date or anything.
Unless-- unless you want to.
-Are you asking me out?
-I'll meet you by the gates at eight o'clock.
Uh, catch you later.
-Where are you going?
-Can I come?
-Well, I suppose it might be educational.
The uh, last of the Duchess of Cambridge, 1937.
-I'm going on a night hunt.
-Master, you're taking this pup hunting?
-My not?
Man's best friend, and all that.
-If he's your best friend, what am I?
-A filthy, infected pustule I can't seem to get rid of.
Thank you.
Soy blood!
My vintage blood replaced with this tasteless synthetic goo!
Assemble everyone.
I will worm out this cowardly maggot, and crush them.
-So when are we going hun--
THE COUNT: Cancelled.
-You are all suspects.
Well, except for Renfield, obviously.
Because he's a filthy little breather.
-Well, thank you very much.
-And Wolfie, because he's too young to drink blood.
You two may go.
-Might I suggest you put a guard on the blood, sir?
-Good idea.
Guard the blood cellar.
Don't let anyone in.
Or you'll be out on your ear.
-Master, all that pup does is bark and scratch himself.
And yet he gets--
-And yet he's more useful to me than you've ever been.
-But I can prove myself, Master.
I'll catch the blood thief.
-Oh, stop wingeing.
Now go and help Wolfie prepare for his guard duties.
-Yes, Master.
-Yes, Master.
RENFIELD: I'll catch the blood thief.
I will, I will.
I will discover who drank the blood.
THE COUNT: So, which of you was it?
-You know I don't touch the stuff.
I only drink soy substitute.
-Me too.
-Yeah, right.
I've seen you drinking blood with my own eyes.
And he drinks it by the gallon.
-How could I have stolen it?
I spend all my time training Vlad.
You are all grounded until the culprit owns up.
-But I've got--
-The only thing you've got to do is open the book,
so we can all get out of here.
When are you going to do that?
Too tight.
Do it again.
-I don't know why you need a tie.
You're just a glorified guard dog.
I'm a pup security guard.
Dad said so.
-He's not your Dad, and he never will be.
-Well, at least he trusts me.
-I'm the only one he can rely on.
[wolf howling]
[barking] [whine]
My prince.
But not smart enough.
VLAD: So, where do you want to go tonight?
-We can't, can we?
We're grounded.
-That's OK.
Bertrand will cover for us.
-Cover for you?
-Oh, uh, Erin and I are going out tonight.
-You're skipping training, and you
want me to lie to your father?
-Well, if that's OK with you.
-Yeah, Of course.
Don't worry about the Count, I'll take care of him.
Really appreciate it.
-Good boy, Wolfie.
Good boy.
-Little look.
[barking] [panting]
There's a footprint.
I caught you.
-Good boy, Wolfie!
Stupid dog.
-I know what's distracting Vlad.
-Get rid of it.
-It isn't an it.
It's Erin.
That half breed still has her fangs into my Vladdy.
-They're going on a date tonight.
Ambush them, get rid of her.
Job done.
-With respect, this problem may require more finesse.
-Subtlety is for breathers.
-I don't think so.
You're Vlad's father and his regent.
Why don't you show him where his true duty lies?
I don't want him to hate me.
Look we need a clever plan.
We have to make it look like an accident.
And frame somebody else.
But who?
-Because I'm worth it.
-Soy blood.
Doesn't seem very you.
Duchess of Cambridge, '37.
An unmistakable vintage.
-It's just soy blood.
-Ah, what a shame.
I thought if anyone dared to taste forbidden blood,
it's be you.
-I've had plenty of forbidden blood.
-I could always spot a bad girl.
-Oh, you never met a girl as bad as me.
-Prove it.
You can take me to dinner.
In the blood cellar.
Eight o'clock.
-Not the one.
-[sigh] Soon, my beloved.
Soon we will be together.
Did you get the message?
-It's about meeting Vlad.
Can you meet him in the balcony instead?
-My pleasure.
[fly buzzing]
Not them.
Heh, heh.
I gotta-- Oh, why don't you come to Daddy?
ERIN: Vlad?
[door opening]
[door closing]
[door opening]
And then you're toast.
[humming softly]
[fly buzzing]
-Play dead.
-[snapping fingers]
Isn't he supposed to be guarding this place?
-I can handle Wolfie.
BERTRAND: Seems to me you can handle almost anything.
-But can you handle this?
-Genghis Fireblood Tempest, 1488.
-Just one.
Oh, when your father finds out about this--
-You'll tell him?
Come on.
What are you?
A mad, bad vampire, or just some stuffy tutor?
I take my responsibilities to your brother seriously.
-Playing nursemaid?
It's not as simple as that.
-What do you mean?
His little crush on the half fang.
As if that's going anywhere.
-Yeah, you're right.
She's still hung up on her old breather boyfriend.
-[scoffs] Typical half fang.
Can't ever quite let go of the past.
Does Vlad know?
Could get messy.
-How messy?
--[sigh] She's going to meet the ex tonight.
And Vlad is at the school gates right now, waiting for her.
She stood him up.
What a great evening.
Dinner and a show.
Expecting someone?
What do you want?
I just wanted to hang out with you.
What's wrong with that?
Go away.
-Mm, moody.
Hanging around the school gates on Friday night.
Some way to spend it.
-Shut up.
-What's biting your neck?
-You're angry, defensive, paranoid.
You know, anyone would think you'd been stood up.
-What have you done to Erin?
I haven't done anything to Erin.
-You know something.
-Well, seeing as you asked so nicely,
I suppose you know that she's gone to see her breather ex.
Those half fangs.
Can't ever quite let go of the breather thing.
It's all for the best.
She'd have dumped you soon enough, anyway.
-Thanks, Ingrid.
-My pleasure.
-[sigh] [trying door] Wha--?
[grunting] [knocking on door]
-Is it done?
-Well, what good is almost?
-As we speak, she's trapped on the balcony.
She can't fly.
And at sunrise, she's toast.
Distraction removed.
-And Vlad?
-Believes she's gone.
And he's already training.
-Nail varnish.
Nail varnish.
-Thieves lack intelligence, style, and guts.
-Why are you looking at me?
-Because you are the blood thief.
-No, I'm not.
Think about it.
Where's Erin?
Why isn't she here?
She's obviously guilty.
-Exhibit A.
-Thank you very much.
Under forensic examination, particles of your nail varnish
were evident in the soy blood that
was swapped for my vintage Duchess of Cambridge '37.
-Well, that figures.
Erin borrowed my nail varnish.
-Then you won't mind me examining your hand.
-Exhibit B.
-Thank you very much.
Oh, what a surprise, it fits.
Pack your bag and go.
-You can't throw me out.
-I should have done it weeks ago.
You're infection's cleared up, why are you even here?
-I have my reasons.
-Not anymore.
Get out, now.
-But the country is crawling with slayers.
What if they catch me?
-Then I'll lend them a stake!
-They'll want to take me alive.
They know I'm the chosen one's sister.
And then they'll use me to find all of you.
-You wouldn't say a thing.
Would you?
-Daddy, I'll draw them a map.
All right, all right.
You can stay.
But I don't want to have to look at that stupid girl
face all day.
I'm enrolling you in school.
I'm 20.
-Slayers or school.
Make your mind up.
I'll go to school.
Think of all the breathers I can corrupt.
-[sigh] See ya.
-Keep an eye on him.
He mustn't be alone 'til sunrise.
Got it?
-Why did I ask her out?
What was I thinking?
-You weren't thinking.
You were feeling.
And feelings have no place in your future.
Now, let the power fall into you.
-Who is this ex?
She never mentioned an ex.
-Let the strength flow.
-Why didn't she tell me herself?
-You must banish your thoughts of Erin and focus.
-I can't.
This is still in my head.
And she must have known I'd rather hear it from her.
-What are you doing here?
It's almost dawn.
-He's going to find her.
THE COUNT: Vladimir!
Get inside!
-Someone locked me out.
-What a shame.
So you better come in now, Vlad.
Dawn's breaking.
Go, please.
It's too dangerous.
-The sun, Vladimir.
You won't make it.
ERIN: Ooh!
I'm on fire.
-I'll say.
VLAD: No, really.
Thank you.
That was brave.
And stupid.
You could have died.
-Well, so could you.
-I'm not a vampire.
-And as soon as the sun hit you, everyone would have known that.
[sigh] Dad and Bertrand would have got you.
What were you doing out there, anyway?
-Meeting you.
-I was waiting for you at the gates.
-Yeah, but Bertrand told me to meet you on the balcony.
Why didn't you come to look for me?
-Ingrid said you'd gone to see your ex-boyfriend.
-What ex-boyfriend?
-And then someone locked you out.
-Someone's trying to get rid of me.
-Bertrand or Ingrid.
-How could you let this happen?
You promised me the girl would be gone.
-It's not my fault that your son can't control his emotions.
-Don't you ever have a day off?
-I'm trying to make sure I don't.
Looks good on you.
-Why did you tell Erin to meet me on the balcony?
-I was passing on a message.
-From who?
-I don't know what you're talking about.
-So, you don't remember telling me
that Erin had gone off with her ex-boyfriend?
But I was just messing with you.
It was Bertrand that told me.
-No, I didn't.
Now why would you say that?
-Can't you she what's right in front of you?
It's Bertrand.
He's the one pulling the strings around here.
-You need to stop lying to get yourself out of trouble.
I'm sorry you got dragged into this.
-No problem.
But we've wasted a lot of time.
Now it's imperative for you to open the Praedictum Impaver.
-I know, I know.
You keep telling me.
-Yeah, but you don't listen.
Vlad, time's running out.
There are other forces at work here.
The clan leaders are waiting.
They have expectations.
Don't disappoint them.
If the clan leaders turn against you,
there'll be no mercy for you, or for anyone you care about.
-All right.
I'll do it.
From now on, my number one priority
will be opening that book.
-Starting tomorrow.
Today, we're going to hang out.
[music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 6 "Blood Thief"

2260 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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