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  • Gran Turismo 4 had a long and tortuous development. Playstation 2 owners were giddy with excitement

  • as the game kept being delayed time and time again. But when the game was finally released,

  • it was easy to see that all that time was going to make an outstanding racing game.

  • The game is impressive in every aspect. First off, the game looks amazing. These graphics

  • were just unbelievable when it came out. All the cars have a level of polish and detail

  • that made you constantly forget that it was a video game. This is one of the first times

  • I ever played a game in 1080i, and understood there was no going back.

  • But as great as the game looks, probably the best things about the game are the cars and

  • the incredible driving mechanics. The game has over 700 different cars from 80 different

  • manufacturers. If you ever wanted to race it, it is probably in the game. Everything

  • from Alfa Romeos to Fiats, and even more bizarre cars like an 1886 Motor Carriage and Jay Leno’s

  • Tank Car. And each car has an absurd level of detail, both cosmetically and under the

  • hood. The cars feel exactly the way you would imagine them to. Plus the cars are completely

  • customizable, allowing you to tweak to the perfect balance you want.

  • The game is huge, with countless races and two very different ways to race them. You

  • can either play A- spec, which is your standard driving. You control the car and race through

  • the 51 different tracks. But there is also B- spec, where you are the crew chief. You

  • tell your driver how hard to accelerate, when to pass and demand pit stops. It is a very

  • interesting way to see the racing world. But there are also rally races, snow races, driving

  • missions and of course the notorious license tests. Plenty of ways to get completely consumed

  • by the game.

  • But there are two main points that hold the game back from absolute perfection. There

  • is no damage modeling for the cars, so crashes do not affect their performance. Which means

  • that bumping your way to the front will become your go to method. And also there is no online

  • racing, which others games were already offering when it was released.

  • Despite these setbacks, the game is incredibly impressive and an absolute blast to play.

  • This is not just one of the best game of the previous generation but also one of the best

  • racing game ever released.

Gran Turismo 4 had a long and tortuous development. Playstation 2 owners were giddy with excitement

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CGRundertow GRAN TURISMO 4 for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/12
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