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  • Gran Turismo 2: Simulation. It's a phrase that smacks of class and challenge in the

  • same breath, a race car driving adventure where it's all about your collection and the

  • prestige that follows it. It's not hard to see why the PlayStation had so much success

  • with this game, as it was released in an age where 3D graphics took center stage. Showcasing

  • the beautiful machines from the United States, Europe, and Japan in Gran Turismo 2 and making

  • them look good was just as much of a challenge as making the driving controls themselves

  • as accurate as possible. But Polyphony Digital and Sony Computer Entertainment did their

  • job in making their acclaimed racing series as close to a test drive or a car commercial

  • as possible while at the same time providing the exhilarating feel of the gorgeous and

  • zippy automobiles that the world has come to know and love. In Gran Turismo 2's Simulation

  • Mode, it's up to you to challenge world-class races, earn enough scratch to collect all

  • the cars in the game from Aston Martin to Volkswagen, and make sure your driving skills

  • are up to snuff with other racers that are trying to do the same. To get into any race

  • in this game, you must first earn your license of choice, starting with B-class and working

  • all the way up to International A. With six license tests along with the Super License,

  • it's gonna take more practice than driving your mom's Buick through the supermarket parking

  • lot. Just like when I was 16, this was no easy task. Certain challenges must be met

  • before tackling a race such as acceleration and braking at a specific point, or looping

  • around a corner as smoothly as possible while following the yellow lines. Complete each

  • challenge with at least bronze level and you'll eventually receive the license, giving you

  • carte blanche to choose any race that corresponds to it. It's in the races that you'll find

  • out just how much work you have to do in order to earn a car that doesn't handle like an

  • oil tanker. The main menu reminds me of the layout of the Final fight or Fatal Fury stage

  • maps. Apart from your home base there's four cities that all represent the cardinal directions,

  • each of them consisting of dealerships that will sell everything from Dodges and Chryslers

  • to Daihatsus and Renaults. It will probably take a few months to amass a respectable if

  • not huge collection of just B-class cars. There are hundreds to choose from, some of

  • them so gorgeous and so sleek that to say it will break your piggy bank is being kind.

  • The most fundamental challenge in GT2 is learning how to drive like you're racing. The aforementioned

  • license tests aren't there just for novelty, they are there for you to earn gold status.

  • Your first race may very well be met with frustration and a last place finish, since

  • the game's handling is extremely sensitive to say the least. Looking for openings and

  • being opportunistic as well as having fundamentally sound driving skills is imperative to your

  • success. Do not discount the track design, as each one is well crafted to test your skills

  • and your vehicle's performance, with sharp curves, tricky angles, and usually just one

  • straightaway that leads to the finish line. To say that Gran Turismo 2 Simulation Mode

  • is the best racing experience of its time is merely scratching the surface of the game's

  • significance. Even today the game is so profoundly entertaining that I would suggest it to be

  • one of the greatest games in Playstation history. Play arcade mode with your buddies and simulation

  • mode for a more personal challenge. Either way, youre looking at one of the all-time

  • most accurate and fun to play racing simulators.

Gran Turismo 2: Simulation. It's a phrase that smacks of class and challenge in the

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