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  • Even though he’s been kinda Powered Down in recent years (and I refuse to believe that

  • iPhone monstrosity is anything more than a protracted practical joke), there was a time

  • when Mega Man was still very much in Capcom’s good graces... wait. Didn’t I just say that?

  • Y’mean there’s another remake of the first game in a particular Mega Man lineage, interpreted

  • in 3D, released on the PSP in or around 2006, with multiple new features, voice acting,

  • and the occasional animated cutscene? Huh. Well, okay then. Let’s do it. Mega Man Maverick

  • Hunter X, mission start.

  • Now, Mega Man X and I go way back. I believe I have actually beaten the original game in

  • my sleep (back in high school when I suffered from somnambulism). So in playing this new

  • interpretation, I came in with detailed mental maps of every area, down to the locations

  • of each parts upgrade and heart tank... only to learn that, while the general layout is

  • a nearly-identical copy of the Super NES classic, there are just enough changes to stymie the

  • unprepared player. The boots upgrade right in the middle of Chill Penguin’s stage,

  • AKA The Reason You Do Chill Penguin First, are no longer there. Youve gotta go find

  • all those again. Good luck. It’s a little touch that keeps the game fresh while being

  • faithful to the original; there aren’t any gross changes like altering the optimal boss

  • order or anything. The most drastic changes aren’t seen until the Sigma stages, which

  • are in fact completely rebuilt. Much like Powered Up, the music consists of remixes

  • of the classic tracks with the occasional quote unquotewittybanter between X

  • and whatever maverick has gone maverick and has to be maverick hunted. By Maverick Hunter

  • X.

  • But it wouldn’t be a 2006 PSP remake of a Mega Man game without letting you play as

  • a different character, now would it? I know, you were hoping to beat the game as Storm

  • Eagle, spitting eggs at jerks from every angle, well too bad. You get Boba Fett... I mean,

  • Vile. Who, as explained in this piece of animation that seems like a shot-for-shot reenactment

  • of a scene from Evangelion, is released from captivity by Sigma and sent out to destroy

  • Maverick Hunter X and the rest of the Maverick Hunters who Hunt Mavericks... but who immediately

  • decides he’s going to double-and-or-triple-cross everyone, because he can. Vile plays significantly

  • differently from X, with three weapons systems equipped at any given time, selected from

  • a lineup of 45: fifteen each of arm cannon, shoulder cannon, and leg parts. And they all

  • have ridiculous names like Infinity Gig, Bumpity Boom, and Quick Homesick. Cannot make this

  • up. Still, even to someone like me who’s beaten Mega Man X more times than youve

  • had hot dinners, it’s enough of a shakeup to completely justify this game. And to leave

  • me hungry for more, which will never happen.

Even though he’s been kinda Powered Down in recent years (and I refuse to believe that

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CGRundertow MEGA MAN MAVERICK HUNTER X for PSP Video Game Review

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/10
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