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  • Imagine chowing down on a pastrami and pizza bagel sandwich, deep-fried and covered in more cheese.

  • Mouthwateringright? But then there's this nagging thought

  • Could this delicious monstrosity be speeding up my biological clock, ticking away my years?  

  • Well, thanks to a study that spills the beans on exactly how our diet influences our biological agewe're closer to that answer.

  • Let's digest this info together, along with some antacid, to find out if we can outsmart our body's biological clocks through the land of greens and genes.

  • Nonot those jeans — G-R-E-E-N-S. And you're already eating them. Okay, all right, well, here we go.

  • Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin.

  • Recentlyan innovative study was conducted by Stanford University that explored the impact of diet on health and age.

  • The study followed 22 sets of genetically identical twins over 8 weekswith one twin on a vegan diet and the other on an omnivorous diet.

  • What they found is that those on a vegan diet experienced improvements in heart health through lower levels of LDL cholesterol and an increase in beneficial gut bacteria.

  • Additionally, the vegan diet group showed a reduction in biological agesuggesting potential anti-aging effects of plant-based eating.

  • Okay, so you're eating a bunch of veggies and swearing off Mr. Mumu here, but how does one measure these changes in biological age or health?

  • Are you ready to get full-on some science?

  • Enter Methylation Risk Scores, or MRSs, a cutting-edge approach that dives deep into our DNA.

  • Unlike Polygenic RIS scores (PRS), which are fixed and based on the genes we inheritMRSs assesses the methylation patterns on our DNA.

  • These patterns are like biological bookmarksindicating which genes are turned on or offand can significantly influence our health and aging process.

  • Specifically, MRSs can be revolutionary in the medical field.

  • For exampleby reading DNA methylation patternswe can now diagnose diseases that were previously identifiable only by clinical observation, such as schizophrenia.

  • What's really cool is that MRSs enables us to predict the risk of developing diseases that lack traditional predictive measures, like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),  

  • which currently isn't predicted but diagnosed when you're already sick.

  • This leap in predictive capability highlights not just the potential for early intervention but also the strength of our biological makeup.

  • Unlike PRS, these methylation patterns can change based on our lifestyle choices, environmentand notably, circling back, our diet.

  • Okay, so MRSs is a great thing. How can we influence our MRSs for the better?  

  • Let's take some notes, people.

  • Science points towards several strategies, like optimizing nutrient intake, engaging in regular physical activity, managing stress effectivelyand ensuring quality sleep.

  • Uh-oh, I'm in danger.

  • Each of these factors plays a pivotal role in how our genes express themselves.

  • They enhance our health, ageand well-being.

  • However, the real benefits of MRSs is that once these tools are createdwe can find the specific interventions which are most preventative.

  • Basically, there's a lot more helpfulness to be explored, and as the science of aging advances, there are newer, more precise methods that can determine our biological age,

  • such as advanced epigenetic testingwhich examines the modifications in our DNA

  • These methods stand out not just by measuring the accumulation of age-related molecular changes, but assessing the pace at which these changes occur.

  • And that brings us to the sponsor of today's video.

  • So, be honest, do you think your diet is helping or hurting your biological age?

  • Based on your diet, how old do you feel?

  • Thank you to our sponsor, True Diagnostic.

  • True Diagnostic is an epigenetic research and testing company specializing in biological aging based on DNA methylation.

  • With the ability to test more than 1 million locations on your DNA, True Diagnostic takes biological aging insights to the next level.  

  • They only use published algorithms with documented and proven links to health outcomes.  

  • To learn more about other aging and health-related secrets you can unlock from your epigeneticsvisit or click the first link in the description.

  • Click here to figure out if we can turn back our biological clocks, or click here to watch this video.

  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin. Don't forget to keep on thinking.

Imagine chowing down on a pastrami and pizza bagel sandwich, deep-fried and covered in more cheese.

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