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If you're feeling drained, try some citrus.
These fruits contain a healthy dose of vitamin C, which can boost your energy and make you more alert.
Chances are if you're tired, you're dehydrated.
Drink some water, dummy.
You'll love it.
Eggs are a treat for the brain.
They possess choline, a nutrient known to boost memory.
Coffee improves mental awareness.
For best result, enjoy a freshly brewed 16-ounce serving.
Stressed out?
Dark chocolate can help.
It contains flavonoids, which lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.
Avocados can erase your worries.
They're chock full of vitamin E, which fortifies your immune system.
Mmmmm . . . immunities.
Garlic can boost your immune system as well as relax your blood vessels.
You might have bad breath, but you'll be super chill.
Melatonin is a powerful hormone that promotes sleep.
In nature, it's only found in cherries.
Almonds are a great source of magnesium, a mineral which helps you sleep.
Half a cup of almonds supplies 48 percent of your recommended daily intake.
Bananas can calm both your mind and body.
They possess tryptophan which helps create brain soothing hormones.
And all that potassium—it relaxes your muscles.
Sweet dreams and happy snacking!
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What You Should Eat When You Learn

104489 Folder Collection
Vivian Lam published on February 2, 2019    Vivian Lam translated    Colin Lin reviewed
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