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Hi, I’m Jenn.
This is the video where I’ll tell you guys how I lost 10 pounds.
First of all, I want to say that I am NOT a dietitian.
Every body is idiosyncratic
which means that every body is unique.
What techniques work for me may not particularly work for you.
We all just have different body types
and this is just how I lost ten pounds.
So let me start off with the general stats of my body.
Late 2011 I was around 115 to 113 pounds.
My weight is always fluctuating most bodies do.
And now 2013 I am a hundred pounds or ninety-eight to a hundred pounds.
Before you freak out, this is quite normal for my height.
I am 5’ 1” and my BMI is 18.5.
I am not underweight, and I’m actually a lot healthier now.
This took me over a year to lose this weight
and maintain my weight right now.
So it’s not going to happen overnight.
So don’t expect it too.
Number one
Take a picture of everything you eat
I know it sounds ridiculous This is actually really important
because just the conscious effort of taking picture of your food
stopping and hold your appetite for 5 seconds.
It makes a big difference.
You kind of conceive what your diets was like
I personally use am IPhone app called Eatery
It’s super, super slow because people created it
have kind of left the back burner out
but it’s still functioning, and it’s something I use religiously
I took over a thousand meals on that thing.
And it’s been helping me a lot to moderate what I eat
and so if I eat an donut on Monday I wound remember that
I ate a donut until Friday when I can eat another donut
You know you start gathering data about yourselves and just truly learning what it is.
Take picture of the good meals that you eat
and the really crappy foods that you are eating.
I found that documents to my food really make me excited for my meals
because I kind of I view foods as a treat
If you don’t have an iPhone, just take pictures with your cellphone
Upload that into your laptop maybe every month
and just come to see what you ate
It’s no different than writing down the food
but I just think that taking a picture with your cellphone is a lot easier.
Number two
Carbs (carbohydrates) to me are the devil
I am quite aware that there are good carbs
AKA complex carbohydrates that are good for you
and breakdown slower in your body
And there’s also bad carbs like refined carbohydrates
That’s a really soft wonder bread Carbs that are freaking delicious
As I person just try to avoid carbs as best as I can
because I person would rather use my calories on proteins, veggies, fiber
You know just other things that aren’t carbs
If I really think about it
I probably eat carbs maybe once or twice a meal
I always try to make one meal my day just completely carb-less.
There’s addicting components in carbs
I just try my best not to fall into the cravings.
I found that I gradually wean off carbs
I stop ordering fries at restaurants
Get a side salads instead
You already treat yourself out because you are eating that freaking yummy burger
There’s really not need to overindulge in that pile of garlic fries
Even though it’s really good
Your body’s going to thank you after
When I’m eating pizza I won’t eat the crust
even though that’s my favorite part especially if there is garlic dipping sauce in it.
When you’re eating sandwich, take a one slice of bread off.
So it’s kind an open-face sandwich
And when I am deciding which bread to flip off from the sandwich,
I always make sure I keep this side of bread that is soaked with yummy sauces
Whether it’s light mayo
Or like honey mustard Something like that
I just keep that side and throw the rest of the carbs away
They’re very subtle changes but gradually
they're going to help you wean off the carbs and just be a lot more healthy.
Number 3 remix your meals
that means that recipes are unconfined to what it says on the paper
or what already comes to your meal
remember you can modify your recipes
you can add things in and take things out
For example, instant noodles are one of my favorite meals
You know it’s kind of a staple of a college student
But I do with my meals is that I break off half of the noodles
So I just use one-half
And then I put everything in on and you know
I'll add zucchini or I'll add broccoli or spinach, kale or tofu
just anything to add more nutrients to my meal
All that veggies and fibers
Just gonna fill you up faster
You’ll realize that you don’t really need all the noodles
So Although you are eating a sodium-packed meal
My personal things is I just try to avoid carbs and that’s what worked for me
Whatever mediocre meal I am cooking at night
I’ll just add some broccoli on the side or some steamed veggies.
It just makes the components of a meal just a lot healthier
You will feel a lot better about yourself seeing some color in your meals
And just those baby steps that are gonna help you
Don’t really worry about the calories.
I never count calories
I used to count calories in high school,
and thats when i was the biggest
It was so bizarre
Focus on what kind of nutrition you are eating, you just make everything a lot smoother and easier
Four Water is your best friend
I have this canteen for probably a year now
And it’s kind of my safety blanket
It’s always around 24/7
It’s always next to me when I am filming
I am at school Next to my bedstand
when i wake up you know
I get thirsty in the middle of the night
I just start chugging the water
Try to sip water maybe three or four times an hour
And you’ll realize that most time when you’re hungry,
You either just thirsty or you just bored
So water can be your best friend
Ditch the soda and ditch the juice and
I stopped drinking soda probably in high school and that helped a lot
You might as well just eat the actual fruit because although some juices have some vitamins in it
You lose all the fiber which is what burns the calories when you are digesting it
Juice is essentially just liquefied sugar
So if you are looking for the vitamins or nutrients
I would say you just to eat actual fruit because then you get filled up
You get vitamins and it’s just nice to chew on something rather than
just you know just shoveling and drizzle down your mouth
I prefer chewing it
Five Exercise
Of course you need it
I’ve heard somewhere I don’t remember where that losing weight is eighty percent
of your diet and twenty percent of exercise
I think exercise is important if you want to have a toned sexy body
If I am not going to do cardio I’ll just stay indoors and do Blogilates
which is one of my favorite Youtubers
Her name is Cassey Ho and she has great workout videos
that are around five to nineteen minutes long some of them
And I just do it at my room and I try to do that probably four to five times a week
That’s for strength training
And I absolutely love her
She has this vivacious and bubbly energy
And she does the work out with you and she talks with you entire way and she just I just love her
I think she’s the one who keeps me going to exercise
So you’re ever watching this Cassey I want to say thank you for molding my body to what it is right now
I used to cardio in the summer so that’s why I was using treadmill all the time
I would run maybe two to three miles three to four times a week
but I stopped doing that because it’s so cold to go onside to the gym
I know it’s a stupid excuse but I think holiday really kind of fatten me up and make me a little bit more lazy
I probably back into the group that once weather warms up
But I find that listening to music and exercising didn’t help me at all.
Music just wasn't enough of a distraction to me
That’s how much I hate working-out
I would usually just put a youtube players on my smartphone
and I just watch youtube videos as I working out.
Another trick is to walk everywhere if you park your car somewhere
Forget the parking lot that’s right next to CVS
Go and park all the way to the end where the trees are
Or where I don’t know some giant cow plantation is
Just park as far as you can and walk to the drug store
Every step counts
It’s all about gradual build-up
Usually if I’m craving something on in workout
I’ll start painting my nails or something
I'll do my homework I’ll pound a really long sip of water
I think your body is always playing tricks on you
It’s always saying that oh you’re so hungry
You want this cupcake
No you don’t need that cupcake
You are in control of your own body
And if you want to lose ten pounds you can do it
You know how to lose weight
No one wants to hear it but it’s essentially the same thing
You gotta change your diet and you gotta exercise
Those are the main two things
These are the little small changes I made to my life
I’m not saying that I did these “BAM” overnight"
I think I start developing each rule around
I don’t know five to six months apart
If you mess up one day it's ok
It’s okay to mess up
You know you are human you have needs and cravings
But just don’t give up
Every meal is another chance to you know fix your diet I suppose
If you have any diet tips down below
Feel free to let us know
and remember if you don’t agree with something I am saying
I am saying to you guys that I am not a dietitian
I am not a doctor not a physician
I am just a normal girl who did these things to lose weight
If you have instagram
My user name is IMJENNIM
You can follow me if you’d like
So I’ll talk to you in my next video
and see you later Bye
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How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

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田兒 published on July 3, 2014    田兒 translated    Daniel Chin reviewed
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