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  • When I'm dancing it makes me feel like I'm flying.

  • It feels like I'm free and it's the best feeling.

  • I started dance when I was seven years old

  • and I didn’t know that I wanted to be a dancer,

  • but this was inside of me

  • and was so easy,

  • it was like my body was ready to do that.

  • I just realised that I want to keep doing this for life.

  • When I was a kid, I was the only black dancer in the studio

  • with more than 50 white ballerinas.

  • When you think ballet, you think about white people dancing.

  • I heard that I was never going to make any classical company

  • because I was a black ballerina.

  • How you say to someone that you're not going to make your dreams

  • and I never stop to fight and I'm here now.

  • Freedom came when I moved to London

  • and I can see that I could be a black ballerina.

  • I can dance with white dancers, black dancers

  • and it's just amazing.

  • When I'm improvising it's kind of my style of dance.

  • It's a mix of what I learned as a classical, as a contemporary dance

  • but it’s the way I move my body, it's not really choreographed.

  • I do love to dance the big classicals

  • and everybody looked the same - same arms.

  • This is like, technical.

  • But I do love to have this freedom as well - that I can move as me.

  • It's the movement, it's the music.

  • It's part of freedom -

  • that you connect to with your own body.

  • It's been a long journey

  • and I love how far and how beautiful I've become.

  • Inside the studio we have all types of bodies, all types of dancers,

  • and colours, we are mixed.

  • And we only have one single language and it's dance.

  • We are celebrating freedom.

  • We're celebrating diversity, equality in one studio

  • and I wish it wasn’t just inside this studio,

  • it was in the whole world.

  • I have a tattoo saying "believe" and it's like a note to...

  • I'd wake up or when I'm on the train or somewhere

  • and I look and say "you always have to believe

  • that you're going to get there."

  • To never forget.

When I'm dancing it makes me feel like I'm flying.

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'Why dancing brings me freedom' | BBC Ideas

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