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  • mm Hi everyone, jennifer home Charles speech with your pronunciation question.

  • This is kind of a tough one today.

  • Our words today are thirst, which is the feeling of a need for a drink and thrust meaning to push.

  • So let's take a look at these words.

  • Okay, so we have thirst and thrust.

  • So what we're going to do is we're going to try to break down this, Break the word down into two pieces first the th and to say this sound, what you're going to do is you're going to stick your tongue out of your mouth and you were going to make sure that there is a space between your teeth and your tongue for the air to continue out.

  • My tongue actually looks like a little cup when I put my tongue out of my mouth.

  • For the th sound Yeah, you can see it's like a little tiny you that's going to allow the air to move out of my mouth over my tongue for that T.

  • H.

  • Sound.

  • Okay, okay, so we've got that one down now.

  • What we are going to do, we're going to tackle the second part of the word.

  • Both of these words end with this S.

  • T.

  • Sound and that sounds like this to do this.

  • What you're going to do is you're going to have your tongue behind your teeth, it's not touching for that?

  • S sound and the air is going to move out of your mouth and then you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for that T.

  • And it's going to pop down and let the air puff out.

  • Okay, so we've got the and the now for the next part of the word this vowel.

  • What are we gonna do with all this craziness in here?

  • Okay.

  • For the vowel, what you are going to do is you're going to make square tense lips.

  • The tip of your tongue is either pointed down or flipped back back of your tongue is pulled up high.

  • Uh uh So let's put this one all together.

  • Yeah.

  • Erste yeah erste first thirst, thirst for the second word thrust.

  • What we're going to think about is we're going to think about starting with the R.

  • And then adding an uh sound after the ar okay, so we're gonna say the Oregon again, square tents, lips tip of the tongue down or flip back.

  • Uh huh.

  • Uh Then you're gonna slightly relax and open your mouth for that sound or uh And my tongue is just relaxed in my mouth for that short U.

  • Sound the uh sound.

  • All right, So let's put this word together slowly uh august for us, thrust, thrust, thrust.

  • So let's try them both thirst, thirst, thirst thrust thrust, thrust, thirst thrust.

  • Now I did want to add but I didn't want to do this at the beginning to confuse anyone.

  • If you skip that T.

  • H.

  • Sound and you by chance touch your teeth by accident, it is going to sound like trust.

  • So again, if you touch your teeth for that th sound and you close the air off, you will say trust and we don't want that.

  • We wanted to be thrust.

  • Here's another mistake.

  • You could possibly say the word just and the reason you would say that is that your tongue touches your teeth to start that Jason and then pulls into the middle of your mouth.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Just so let's try these words altogether, thirst, thirst, thirst thrust, thrust, thrust.

  • Trust, Trust, trust.

  • And just just just now I have a sentence with just a few of these words in it.

  • The hiker thrust the bottle under the faucet so we could quench his thirst.

  • So give it a try.

  • People are going to notice the difference.

  • If you found this helpful.

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  • Thanks everyone, and good luck with this one this week.

  • Take care!

mm Hi everyone, jennifer home Charles speech with your pronunciation question.

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How to Pronounce THIRST, THRUST, JUST, TRUST - American English Pronunciation Lesson

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