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  • and I think Texas Tech has a pretty good draw there.

  • I don't think that's good news for Arkansas to see Texas Tech in the next round.

  • If Arkansas winds winds up winning that game against Cold Game, the key for them is going to be the continued improvement and production of Kevin McCullough.

  • They need a secondary and a third guy to be able to step up and consistently make plays for them.

  • And when he's been good, he's taking the pressure off of Mac McClelland.

  • And so if he can play well in the N C double a tournament, then they can score enough basket.

  • That's the issue.

  • They don't score enough.

  • They're great defensively, but they don't score.

  • And the score to beat Arkansas control, spread you out and drive it, make an extra pass and they got dudes on the perimeter that can make plays.

  • And Justin Smith as we know he makes them a little bit different rebounds, and he's got a physicality.

  • Arkansas.

  • I think they're a little undervalued because we don't see him or look at him in the same light that we look at, say, Alabama, because the end of the season they were playing great.

  • Arkansas is the real deal.

  • Style of play is hard to simulate.

  • Style of play for Arkansas is no joke.

  • Moses Moody.

  • I don't say that.

  • Dude is he's a He's a first round draft pick.

  • J J D Note can really shoot.

  • He had 27 he's good and he's really, really talented.

  • There have been No.

  • 14/3 upsets in the last three tournaments.

  • Maybe Colgate out of the Patriot League can find a way you can shoot.

  • My son plays in that they can shoot.

  • I say it correctly.

  • Let's plays in that league.

  • I'm not Bob Knight, but it's Obama.

  • Wait.

  • Coach always said, I got a kick out of it, Coach.

  • Purse cells.

  • I sort of adopted it there as well.

  • All right, Dick.

  • My towel is joining us now.

  • Dick, you've had a look at the brackets right now.

  • What's your first take away from looking at the field of 68?

  • Well, I think my first takeaway is very simple.

  • I want to simply salute the Committee for the amazing job they did and giving teams like Wichita State and you look at the bracket, their teams that got beat Drake et cetera, and put them in a tournament.

  • The only gripe I had you gotta get a gripe.

  • You can't have a selection show without a gripe is just no way, 42 years.

  • Reese.

  • So I got to have a gripe, and my gripe is this 26 wins.

  • They had as many wins as anybody in the tournament.

  • We're talking about Belmont.

  • I thought Bell Mark should have been in this tournament and I don't know why they weren't other than the fact that we said, Well, who did they play?

  • Well, who do they play?

  • They don't get a chance to get all those quad one wins as some of these teams do.

  • But 26 4 they deserve to be.

  • That's my only gripe.

  • And I'll simply say this.

  • I'm just excited that we got to turn.

  • I look at Gonzaga.

  • I think it might have been J that said it.

  • I think Jay said really well that Gonzaga, they've got three teams in here that are three supposedly dominant teams and they beat them all.

  • They'll be all three Virginia God Zach At the Virginia, they beat Kansas and they beat Iowa and they beat them easily.

  • So I think that is a confidence builder for them.

  • I mean, you gotta suddenly respect them.

  • But I like the Zags chances, man.

  • I like them big time.

  • Fact, I'm on record saying right now they're gonna pull a Bobby Knight 1976.

  • They're going 32 Oh, and they're going to win this tournament.

  • I just think it's unbelievably great that we could sit here and listen to people talking about We are going to have a tournament.

  • I think that's exciting.

  • I want to dance spot.

  • I'm gonna get the dance.

  • You tournament.

  • Let's do it, baby.

  • Let's do it.

  • You got you guys to work the camera to him.

  • When you get up to dance, you gotta zoom out just a little bit so you can see we can see all the magic that is to Dick.

  • Vital dance move.

  • You know what to tell you.

  • Aren't you really excited that you're gonna be excited, Guys, that we got a tournament, really?

  • Because I thought during the course of the year, I thought during the course of the year, we might be in a scenario where we stop playing and to be able to play because really interference to the committee.

  • It's not apples to apples.

  • Got some teams who pauses, sometimes not what pauses some teams playing X number of games.

  • It has been incredibly, a really stressful kind of.

  • Here's the coaches, everybody involved, and I just think it's fantastic that we are going to have a basketball tournament and a March Madness champ.

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and I think Texas Tech has a pretty good draw there.

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