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Imperium said that the past will be the future. 2
And those in the present should choose to obey. 3
>> Wild Boar has no choice at this point. 4
>> And Aichner just man handling Wild Boar. 5
Cover off the back breaker another kick out for Wild Boar. 6
But you can see how far Wild Boar is away from his tag partner, Primate. 7
>> 10 to 15 feet, but must seem like a country mile at this juncture. 8
>> Tag. >> And 9
you got these rapid tags between Barthel and Aichner. 10
>> Imperium who believes that the mat is sacred and they restoring order. 11
Now with some tandem offense again. 12
What a kick. 13
>> Primate taken down. 14
Barthel under the cover and another kick out, another kick out by Wild Boar. 15
>> One, two- >> You could tell 16
Kay Lee Ray was measuring that. 17
>> Overhand strike landed and then some. 18
Kay Lee Ray now, nice reversal. 19
Right back in and, whoa, swing and a miss. 20
And now! 21
Forearm and now- >> Aim one to the chest, one to the body. 22
Now, back up to the shoulders. 23
>> Shax just chopping away. 24
Looking for a moment to try to pick up a head of steam. 25
And too much time. 26
>> Crushing kick to the jaw. 27
>> I was your best friend for years. 28
I heard all the sob stories, how it was everybody's else's fault. 29
But did you ever stop for one second to think that maybe it wasn't everybody else? 30
Maybe it was you. 31
You are the reason that we don't talk anymore. 32
You are the reason that none of your friends or family call you anymore. 33
You are the reason that all of your ex-boyfriends went for 34
the attention of other girls. 35
And you are the reason that when you were just a little girl, 36
your own father realized how worthless and 37
pathetic of a human being that you. 38
And that is why he walked away from you and abandoned your- 39
>> Zack Gibson completely not flustered, 40
not affected at all. 41
>> You gotta assume that that would rub off a little bit on James Drake, is up and 42
over with a Hurricanrana. 43
Andrews measuring Drake now, goes down low. 44
Looking for a standing moonsault, connected. 45
Cover, to go to and another kick out by James Drake. 46
James Drake, right back to the submission hold center of the ring. 47
And now Andrews rolls through. 48
>> Shoulder, whoa! 49
>> Big stomp to the chest. 50
Stomp 182, one of the signature maneuvers of Mark Andrews. 51
And the NXT UK universe trying to rally Andrews now. 52
They know how much, they know how much this means to Mark Andrews and 53
Flash Morgan Webster to win. 54
>> And Mark Andrews one of the also original members of the NXT UK roster, 55
would love to be on the big stage for the first time. 56
>> Andrews is starting to get a little bit more life in his body! 57
Enziguri lands. 58
>> Drake knocked all the way to the floor. 59
What's Andrews thinking? 60
Andrews all the way, taking Drake down! 61
>> Nice missile finds its mark. 62
>> And Mark Andrews is getting draped back into the ring. 63
Andrews wants to win this match inside the squared circle to prove 64
all the doubters wrong. 65
And Drake, my, did you see the strength, the absolute strength? 66
DDT! 67
That's gotta be it! 68
Andrews into the cover and another kick out. 69
>> And in comes WALTER! 70
>> Here comes the WWE United Kingdom champion. 71
And of course Alexander- >> Tyler Bate, Taking out Wolfe! 72
Well, you talked about a numbers advantage, Nigel. 73
It's in the corner of Moustache Mountain. 74
>> WALTER has nowhere to run. 75
Bate furious with the chair. 76
>> Trent Seven getting in some of WALTER. 77
And look at Tyler Bate, getting him some of the champion.
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Moustache Mountain run roughshod over Imperium: NXT UK highlights: Aug. 21, 2019

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on September 21, 2019
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