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  • when this game is over.

  • Oh, your work is just starting.

  • The quarterback carousel will turn and turn this off season.

  • You've been reporting along with more that Carson Wentz could be on the move as soon as this week.

  • What more can you tell us what you're seeing?

  • The work is just starting.

  • The work has been underway for weeks, Hannah, and it's been underway for weeks with the quarterback position.

  • The next quarterback, Domino to fall is expected to be Carson Wentz.

  • The Eagles are engaged in discussions with multiple teams, and at this point, it seems like a foregone conclusion that Carson Wentz is going to be traded as early as this week.

  • Now the Eagles continue to insist on teams continue to insist that have spoken deals.

  • Hey, the Eagles will bring them back.

  • But I'm just telling you from enough conversations with enough people on enough other teams, Carson Wentz is gonna get traded, and the question is when.

  • And the question is how much they're gonna get back.

  • The two teams that seem to be most interested right now, but I don't think they're the only teams are the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts, the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Ideological fit.

  • Frank Reich, the head coach there, worked with Carson.

  • Wentz saw the best of Carson Wentz in Philadelphia, but the Eagles are poised to make a move at the quarterback position and become the next team to trade a starting quarterback.

  • It should happen here in the coming days, I would think, Yeah, the Internet was going crazy with thoughts of falls for whence, just like how insane that would be if the Bears made that trade.

  • Alright, Meanwhile, does Shawn Watson?

  • He's still a Texan.

  • The team has given no indication that they are going to accommodate his trade demands.

  • What is the situation with that Texas standoff?

  • You hit on the key phrase there.

  • They've given no hint that they're going to accommodate his request to ask for a trade.

  • The Texans were dug in, and they've told teams we are not trading our best player.

  • It's not what we plan to do.

  • It's not we want to do, and it's not what we're going to.

  • Dio and DeShaun Watson wants to be traded.

  • And so while we're talking about Matthew Stafford and Jared Gab and Carson Wentz and Nick Foles and all the other quarterbacks out there waiting for Shawn Watson.

  • Move.

  • Hannah.

  • That move is not coming anytime soon.

  • And if you speak to the people in the Texans, they would tell you it's not coming at all.

  • So again, this standoff continues.

  • It will continue for quite some time, who knows how and when this gets result.

  • But I can tell you this.

  • It won't be any time soon.

  • So what a situation for all these teams in need of a quarterback, right?

  • You maybe can't take the risk of waiting and seeing if DeShaun Watson is available and he's under contract till 2025.

  • Thanks, Adam.

  • Thank you.

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when this game is over.

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