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  • Just down the beach, in Ain Diab.

  • You can snack a favorite Moroccan street food: snails.

  • I bring the snails from the snail seller and I wash them.

  • And I put them in the bucket, I add salt first, then spices. And stir.

  • And then put on more spices.

  • There are about 70 spices. Ginger, licorice, thyme...

  • Aicha is a little tight lipped on the spice list.

  • That was only three out of 70.

  • But who's counting?

  • The soup is called Bebouch.

  • Keep the heat low so that it doesn't burn.

  • And about two hours.

  • So to recap, Aicha sells snail shells down by the seashore.

  • And this guy is buying them.

  • -Hello. -All good? You're doing well? -I'm fine. Thank you.

  • -A little bowl please, madam. -Yes, my son.

  • -With the broth. -Do you want it on top? -Yes.

  • God bless your parents.

  • The texture is like a soft meat, but the taste is not like meat at all.

  • I think while it's cooking, this nail gets that spices in the soup, and it's kind of taste like that with a texture of meat.

  • It's pretty good.

  • You know what else is pretty good?

  • Nassim's stray flips.

  • He's one of the few Moroccan skaters to turn pro.

  • Like nipple tattoos.

  • Skateboarding was an unusual sight in Casablanca until recently.

  • I remember we got caught once by the cops, telling us that we were like satanic or whatever, you know, and they took our boards away and stuff.

  • But we were just like 13 years old kids, you know, but nowadays is different, like people are getting more used to see skaters and not see it like a bad thing... is just changing lately.

  • -Oh, snap. -Damn it!

  • You good?

  • Oh, it hurts.

  • I think with all those spices that are inside it. Moroccans think that it cures everything.

  • I'm pretty okay with that.

  • A soup with healing powers.

  • I could come in handy for this guy.

  • Moroccans think that it cures everything.

  • Boom.

  • There you go. Nassim.

  • Nice.

Just down the beach, in Ain Diab.

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A Soup with Healing Powers? | Moroccan Cuisine | Eater's Guide to the World

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