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Okay, so if you missed the corn dog episode go watch it now, and then make seven corn
dogs, and then you'll have this like batter left over, and then you can make it along
with me. So the big difference between a hush puppy recipe and the corn dog batter recipe
is the hush puppy recipe has a high ratio of cornmeal to flour and also has egg. So
I am just going to add one egg. I am just going to see how this goes and mix that up.
The egg is go to act as a leavening agent to help the batter puff out a little more,
and it is also going to help it hold together. The protein in the egg will help with that,
and then, I don't know, start out with maybe, what is that, half a cup of cornmeal, and
like I said with the corndog batter as it stands it will thicken up a little bit. So
I think I might add a little more cornmeal and then set it aside while I cut up some
onions and I also have some jalapeno cut up. That will be good. Tex-Mex hushpuppies.
That's nice and thick. I probably added about three quarters of a cup of cornmeal, and now
it looks like that. I am going to let that sit while I cut up these onions. All right,
now I want little tiny pieces so that it doesn't break up the batter in the fryer, so I am
going to cut them lengthwise, very delicately like with the finesse of a ninja, and then
do one of these guys, and those little green pieces are going to look so beautiful. Okay,
that's a couple of tablespoons, maybe three, whatever. I am winging it. Put that in. Stir
it up. It's getting good and thick. I like it thick. It's what I am talking about. You
know what else I should put in is some sugar because hushpuppies are always a little bit
sweet, right? A little sweet, spicy, salty, greasy. Sounds good.
A tablespoon? That seems about right. Whoa! I am going crazy up in here with the hushpuppies,
and I ain't talking about the shoes. Okay, I am going to check the temperature on my
oil again. Let's see. I figure 375 should be good, right? Oh, I think it was a little
bit wet. Take it eaasssyy! This is back up almost to 375. I am going to go ahead and
give it a shot. Okay, fingers crossed, this works. This looks a little thin, but I am
gonna give it a shot. It totally didn't work. There's like one hushpuppy shapedish thing
in there. That's good. That's a little shrimpy. Those little guys. That's like the shit that
you get in the bottom of your Long John Silver's basket, but you know what? People pay money
for that shit. I was a kid and I used to ask for extra, whatever the hell they call them,
cracklins. Okay, so you should like flip them I guess
because you want all sides to get brown. It's not like a corn dog where it's on a stick
and you can just turn it. So just flip them around. These little ones are done. Dude,
these are actually pretty awesome. I kind of want to eat it, but it's really hot. Okay,
I just had a brilliant idea. I am gonna use two spoons. This is totally not going to work
again. Hold on, it might work this time. I am gonna try it again. Ahh, that's totally
the way to do it I think. Check that out it totally stayed together in one piece. Oh,
my God. I am such a fucking wizard in the kitchen. Ahh, I am so excited. I am going
to make some more. I am a wizard in training. I am like Harry
Potter over here with this frydaddy. But actually yeah, that was kind of working. See that big
one there. It's like the Polynesian Islands in my frydaddy. I am gonna get out these little
things before they burn up. Holy moly! All right, that first beautiful one totally worked.
I wonder how they get them perfectly round when you get them frozen, or when you get
them at like a fish restaurant. I should investigate that. Oooh, I kind of made a mess there, sorry.
Sorry Mark, you're the one that's going to have clean up this mess. Oh, see that one
actually turned out pretty round. Dude, this is the funnest thing ever. Whooo!
Then they float up to the top. See how it sunk, and now it's floating up. It's coming
to say, "Hello. Good morning." I am going to do one more. Ooooohhh, hush puppies. They
are starting to really look like actual hushpuppies. I am starting to become kind of a pro if I
do say so myself. Oh, my God! Okay, whatever I am totally gonna eat one. I want a pretty
one. This one looks nice. Oooh, it's really hot. Ow! It's so beautiful. There's yellow
and green in it. I wish I knew what country's flag with yellow and green, and then on that
country's day I would make these for that country. Okay, I am going to eat it now. Mmmmmmm.
That's a good hushpuppy. I wish I had tartar sauce for it. Mmmmmm. Mmmmm.
It's got chunks of corn and onion and jalapeno in it. It was like gourmet. So that's basically
how you make hushpuppies more or less if I figure out like an actual recipe, I will put
it on the Internet for you at HilahCooking.com. I don't feel very good now. I don't normally
eat like three corn dogs and a pile of hushpuppies every day. So I wouldn't recommend that you
do either, but check out the website. Go to Facebook and be my fan because I am trying
to get like a thousand fans. If you could help me out, that would be great.
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How To Make Hush Puppies - Hush Puppies Recipe

9822 Folder Collection
nckuba published on July 4, 2015
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