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  • Do you think Josh Allen is going to reach the elite level of the three other quarterbacks?

  • They're all playing this weekend, man.

  • Ah, he's made such an incredible jump from the time he entered the league to where he is now.

  • He is certainly an M V P conversation.

  • But these other three guys were talking about Hall of Famers like Patrick Mahomes.

  • I think, is the only one of these guys who were talking about who there is.

  • Any question Mark will go to the Hall of Fame.

  • And that, to me, seems like almost a foregone conclusion.

  • As long as he able to stay healthy.

  • There's no way that he doesn't go to the Hall of Fame, so I think it's hard to say that we know that Josh Allen is gonna be able to put together a season like this over and over and over again.

  • You have to do this 6789 10 times to be in the similar um, conversation as Mahomes, while Mahomes hasn't done it, but a similar conversation as Rogers and Brady and Mahomes has already won an M V.

  • P already won a Super Bowl in a super Bowl, M V.

  • P and the league M v P.

  • These are things that we have not seen Josh Allen do, and he's shown the ability to potentially do that.

  • But he's also shown two seasons where he was average to below average quarterback.

  • So I don't think he goes back to being an average to below average quarterbacks.

  • But to be competitive in the same conversation as these other guys, he's gonna have to do this year after year after year.

  • And that is so unlikely.

  • It's much more likely that he has shown a spike and he'll go back down to above average quarterback but not otherworldly, like he's been for the last 10 weeks or so.

  • Well, listen, you know, when you look at the the other three quarterbacks you're talking, you know, obviously you brought up all of them being Hall of Fame type guys, you know.

  • But I think for me is with Josh Allen continue his elite play passed this year.

  • I do.

  • I feel like and dominate.

  • You know this when you're talking about quarterbacks.

  • Ah, lot of it depends on the type of situation they step into, and when you look at Josh Allen and and the organization that that he stepped into with the Buffalo Bills with GM Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott.

  • The culture that they have their the way they've been able to surround Josh Ellen.

  • Josh Allen has allowed him to grow exponentially over the first three years.

  • When you trade for Stefon Diggs because you know your star quarterbacks needs up a number one wide receiver that can bring out the best to him.

  • Also, having your officer coordinator Brian Dubow doesn't like he's gonna be higher than this in the cycle.

  • So now you get some continuity within their officers system.

  • So, you know, early on in the process, we've seen the steady jump jump, and then this third year, he's absolutely exploded.

  • And I think Josh Allen recognizes, you know, in his own ability that you know what I know.

  • I'm one of the best quarterbacks in this league.

  • I know I can compete with the Aaron Rodgers with with the Patrick Mahomes.

  • I can compete with any other, any other, um, quarterback in this league because I've done it every week, weekend and week out.

  • This this season.

  • Now, does that guarantee that you're gonna have future success.

  • No, it doesn't guarantee every team each year is different in and of itself.

  • But when you're in that culture that the Buffalo Bills have in that building, I tell you what I'm willing to bet money that Josh Allen is gonna continue to have that type of success.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I think that they things will change there, though.

  • So in the same way that Patrick Mahomes has Andy Reid, if they lose, they lost Nagy.

  • They lost Peterson.

  • They will maybe eventually lose the enemy.

  • But we all know that Andy Reid knows how to scheme in.

  • Offense is different there in Buffalo, where McDermott's the defense of God.

  • Their head coaching debut may not go anywhere this year, but he's gonna go somewhere eventually.

  • And I think that Josh Allen has shown this year that in the right situation he could be elite, which is he has been this this entire season.

  • For most of this season, he has been elite.

  • The situation has been pretty close to perfect.

  • They had, uh, they added Stefon Diggs.

  • That offensive line has protected him.

  • They had a great offensive coordinator.

  • They have Cole Beasley, who has been injured a little bit lately but consistent slot weapon.

  • They're Brown, who's been in and out the lineup, but But when he's out there, he's able to attack the defense.

  • They've had a couple of good running backs in Moss and Singletary like that is a perfect situation, and he has been otherworldly in that situation.

  • It won't be like that all the time that day.

  • Ball is going to get hired away, if not this year, next year.

  • And those other situations won't be perfect going forward.

  • And I think I don't think it's an insult to Josh Allen to say he's gonna merely go back to being go to being great and not necessarily elite.

  • I think he's going to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league and be a perennial Pro Bowl type of guy.

  • But we're talking about the level of Brady.

  • We're talking about.

  • The level of Rogers in Mahomes, whose Onley playoff loss came because somebody jumped offsides in the championship round as his first year as a true starter like that's rarefied air.

  • I'm not saying Josh Allen can't get there, but I think it's more likely that he won't because nobody does.

  • So few players get to that spot.

  • Well, you know, just listen to you.

  • You make it sound like Josh Allen is like a system quarterback.

  • You know, to me, Josh Allen did the games that he's made in all areas of his game.

  • He's the type of quarterback he can play in any system.

  • That's how talented Josh Josh Allen is right now.

  • So all those guys you know, always say when it comes to the elite guys, Sometimes we throw around franchise quarterback too loosely.

  • All of these guys in the playoffs are franchise quarterback elite guys.

  • I don't care what system you put him in.

  • They can thrive.

  • They can carry a team on his back.

  • That's why I feel Josh Allen.

  • Well, you know he'll continue to be elite.

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Do you think Josh Allen is going to reach the elite level of the three other quarterbacks?

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Will Josh Allen ever reach the elite level of Mahomes, Rodgers and Brady? First Take debates

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