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  • this camp in the forest is what young Pakistani raw Heels offer has called home for three months.

  • He shares his homemade tent with five other men there.

  • He's my sleeping bag, this potato chili.

  • What?

  • Everything there.

  • But you know, onion, this is my food.

  • Fine.

  • Every few days, aid organizations passed by.

  • They distribute a bit of food and clothing to the approximately 30 men from Pakistan and Bangladesh living in this camp near Velika Kladusa, a small town in Bosnia Herzegovina along the Croatian border.

  • But beyond that, all the other supplies are scarce, says offer who often as to saw his own firewood.

  • Temperatures frequently drop below zero at this time of year, but he and the others went toe hold out in the cold and mud until their next attempt to cross the border into Croatia and entered the U I want t o from front.

  • I want to go there with friends together.

  • Let's get enjoying.

  • Try it.

  • Maybe 10 15 time I go, but police sketch, they beat.

  • Why you come in the Croshere, Why you cause a cross border, you and legal.

  • You don't have documents.

  • Where you coming across the border?

  • That's why too much try.

  • But in each other one that you successfully No problem.

  • Zafer hopes to Find work in Germany It was a daily struggle for survival in his hometown of Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Life here in the forest is hard, says offer, but still better than in the lip.

  • A refugee camp.

  • An hour's drive to the south where he previously stayed.

  • The lip A camp has been in the international headlines for weeks, first for being cleared out and then because it burned down.

  • These bunk beds air a lasting reminder.

  • There are now new tents for the refugees and migrants, but many here say the accommodation is now worse than before.

  • Thistle.

  • Life for animals, living place here and we are suffering here.

  • That's why we doesn't gonna live here.

  • Thesis or not suitable place for living During this season, the Bosnian authorities have faced harsh criticism in the wake of these images.

  • But in the nearby town of be Hotch, the mayor, Schuchardt fast Leach places the blame on the Bosnian government and the U because the problem is in.

  • The European Union has spent so much money in Boston and migrant crisis, but the Hatch has not received any any euro.

  • We have been dealing alone with our own money with our own resources.

  • European Union, uh shall treat migrant crisis is a European problem is a global problem.

  • The Bosnian public is also growing increasingly wary of these migrants.

  • Fierce protests caused this refugee shelter to close its doors a few months ago.

  • The EU wants refugees to move back in here a nightmare scenario, say residents who have been protesting against it Every day They said to us that we are assessed.

  • We're not racist.

  • Three years were suffering and helping that people, they don't want to stay in Bosnia.

  • They just want to go to the border in Europe and they're Europe.

  • Open the border.

  • Take them.

  • But for many of the 8000 or so refugees and migrants, the chance of being granted asylum in the EU and therefore being allowed to stay is very low, including for Pakistanis, Lycra heels offer.

  • But that doesn't scare the 25 year old who has no desire to stay in Bosnia and no intention of returning to Pakistan.

  • This is not good.

  • What are you doing there?

  • No, Have work, No.

  • Have nothing.

  • Europe have everything they give.

  • Camp is good, Every food is good.

  • Clothes, good, everything.

  • We work.

  • There's no problem.

  • That's why we wanted to put their, you know, you're a soon as it gets warmer.

  • Rahil Zafer wants to make a new attempt to cross the border into Croatia, but for the time being he has no choice but to stick it out here in the mud, rain and bitter cold.

this camp in the forest is what young Pakistani raw Heels offer has called home for three months.

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Bosnia: Lipa's refugees battle freezing conditions | Focus on Europe

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