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From Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic we moved on to our
sixth country: Bosnia-Herzegovina with its
historic capital Sarajevo.
Bosnia & Herzegovina is the next country on our list
and is located centrally in the Balkans.
The capital is Sarajevo and looks back on an eventful history!
Exactly on this street corner the twentieth century started because
here Franz Ferdinand was murdered 100 years ago - the beginning of World War II.
Also in the 90s Sarajevo took a key role in the Bosnian War
the traces of the three-year siege are also still visible everywhere.
Today Sarajevo is 40,000 Students a university town
a mixture of peoples and cultures who -believe it or not-
live together in peace.
The many churches, mosques and synagogues are the best proof!
We especially liked the Old Town.
Here you can see craftsmen at work and enjoy a
Bosnian coffee - by the way really tasty!
Shocked of the caffeine we made our way up the yellow Bastion.
a small hill from which one has great views of the city!
What to eat in Bosnia? Döner,
thick soups and Clemens' new favorite dish:
After that we really neede a rest because in the next town
we'll visit one of the largest festivals in Europe: the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia!
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Things to do in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (Balkan Road Trip 06)

607 Folder Collection
駱怡璇 published on May 30, 2016
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