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  • e have a person have, ah, double person Rommel too.

  • A similar like data on the night time e want to adapt this emotion in the truck?

  • I want people know the feeling well, too.

  • My name is May Yushin May is basically is a flower is my family name.

  • And in the stage, people call me a temporary that may you.

  • She is a deejay producer on electronic musician making waves in China's underground club scene and increasingly, on the international circuit.

  • She's played a dad's parties on the Great Wall of China in Japanese temples, on to a global audience with her boiler room set.

  • Okay, major unique sound is a fusion of cutting edge techno on a traditional Chinese folk instrument called the ER Hu e.

  • Play this for us when I was a child.

  • The only instrument I know is this one.

  • It's called who Not many people play that, but I love it so much so basically, in China, people called its Asia violin, but I only have a too strange.

  • It's quite a difficult sometimes because, you know, to hear someone different peach, you need to find it by yourself.

  • You need to practice because every single song is that's so unique.

  • No matter what kind of so you play, it's beautiful.

  • People love it, enjoy it and respect.

  • It may grow up in a city called Man Chung in a mountainous part of Sichuan Province.

  • By Chinese standards, it's a small city known for its regional cuisine, relaxed pace of life and ancient temples after graduating from university four years ago, may move to China's east coast to follow her dreams of a career in music, eventually landing in the dynamic metropolis of Shanghai.

  • I'm so interested about this idea because there's a more international so many people, maybe they come from different place.

  • That is something of real life of Shanghai.

  • Every day you season new face, you'll never see the same faces.

  • Always something in the show.

  • Always some people come.

  • No in Shanghai is huge.

  • May has joined a community of like minded artists and musicians who are pushing boundaries and sound and vision.

  • Hello, everyone.

  • My name is machine and in the stage people commit temperate.

  • I'm so happy to hear um, today I got a recording like half our life show, including who and some ambient stuff help enjoying e used my who to create some like storytelling with people as a performer with a different performing together.

  • You have that feeling like when I play the instrument.

  • If somebody gave another song, have to think about what I gotta get back next.

  • Yeah, for four and now in China is huge.

  • But for me, China is so small.

  • I've been quite of a lot of a city in China, a lot of people how to respect them, about the traditional, some e really enjoying that.

  • But the song is just a moment after the shows people, if the rial Lovett researching your name on the Web site, But it's still very limited way still have a war between the China and as a country.

  • I hope one day this war gonna folly, especially for Chinese.

  • I think in past many, many years, the D.

  • J is probably always mail, time, change everything always change.

  • I'm not like judge about my I want to be a Dejan.

  • Even my mom is supposed to be, Yeah, do something.

  • What you want on?

  • Don't worry about like a female male because it's balancing everybody can't do your own thing.

  • E believe history.

  • Time to time.

  • It's like a circle, some old song.

  • They become back in some moment.

  • But I want to be a person who can like innovation, using one instrument to show up about what I will feel about this world e.

e have a person have, ah, double person Rommel too.

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