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  • Food Tube! It is DJ BBQ and I have dressed up for this very special occasion to teach

  • you guys how to cook my favourite steak. You think maybe it would be a sirloin, or a rib

  • eye, or a fillet. No it is this. We're going to cook a marinated skirt steak. This has

  • been passed down through the generations of my family, my father taught me this, and this

  • is the man that showed it to him. DJ BBQ's grandpa. Look at him, he's got four chickens

  • rocking, he's got racks of ribs. The King of the BBQ. And now I'm teaching you guys

  • how to cook DJ BBQ's favourite steak. The beautiful thing about this recipe is,

  • that it's so simple. Ziplock bag. We're going to grab two skirt steaks. Boom. Boom. Follow

  • with Italian dressing, crack it open pour it in. Get the air out, seal it. Massage it.

  • Give that steak some love and you put that in the fridge overnight. So why Italian dressing?

  • Simple, olive oil, vinegar, peppers, loads of wonderful herbs have been infused in that

  • bottle for a very long time, and now we're going to give it to our meat.

  • What do cows do all day? Back up, cows have a really big head. Eats all day, eats the

  • grass. The flanks, the skirts they're holding up all that weight. These are tough muscles

  • man, this is why we're going to marinade it. The tenderisation process from the moment

  • that cut of meat hits the marinade. Let's do this. I've got my BBQ gloves on, we've

  • got our coals rocking in the flume. I'm going to create a shelf of coal, okay?

  • So I've got my hottest heat here and it tapers down to indirect heat. Hot, medium, pretty

  • warm. Ha ha ha. Before I put these on, I'm going to create

  • a bit of a wood smoke. SO I've got some apple wood chips and I've also got some chunks of

  • cherry in there, I'm going to put a couple more. I'm going to open this up. There's the

  • cherry wood chunks, and then I'm going to grab some apple and set the down into the

  • middle here. You don't have to spend all that crazy money

  • on expensive steak in a really good steak house, do it at home.

  • Boom. Now, see when the flame comes up when all

  • the fat comes out, you cover it up. It's oxygen flow coming through your BBQ you kind of mellow

  • out the oxygen flow, you mellow out the flames. And there is some of the smoke coming out

  • of the woodchips, it's all coming through. It's flavouring the meat, Let's have a look.

  • There we go, we're going to do these for about 6 and half minutes a side.

  • I've got a top tip for you guys when you're barbequeing meat, smiling makes it tastes

  • better. Some of the oils are dripping down and those oils are causing flare up. I still

  • want the hot heat, so I'm just going to move them over here. We're going to flip these

  • bad boys, look at that. perfect colouring on top and again, the olive oils. It's all

  • coming out in our flames so you get a bit of flare up. This is how you can tell if your

  • steak's well done ,medium or rare. Ready? If you've prodded the meat and it's

  • tough like that, it's well done. Touch it right here, it's medium. Come over to your

  • cheek, you have a lot more forgiveness in your meat and that means it's rare.

  • Now these guys are ready! We're going to pull them off the BBQ let them rest for about five

  • minutes. Let all them juices get back into the meat. Let them steaks get nice and moist,.

  • then we're going to slice and serve. Get our knife ready, I'm going to cut against

  • the grain. Listen, it's still a tough muscle man, so we're going to cut it this way to

  • make it a lot easier to chew and still get all those wonderful flavours in this cut.

  • Here we go. Oh gosh, I'm so excited, I can't explain to

  • you guys. So it's rare, medium and way over here a bit

  • over done. This one over here is going to be a bit more

  • rare side. SO come over here. This bit over here, is the best tasting part of the steak.

  • Why? Because it's had all of the flavours. It's had more surface area getting the vinegars,

  • the peppers, all those wonderful herbs and spices in that Italian dressing. That's the

  • chunk I've been waiting for. Dad would save all these end bits for me.

  • Okay, a tiny bit of salt on top of this bad boy and a little bit of cracked pepper. How

  • gorgeous is that. Perfectly cooked bit of marinated skirt steak. It's just how I like

  • it man. MMMM. It's the taste of home and it's probably the best thing in the world.

  • Next to sex. Hahaha. And beer! I'm DJ BBQ, we are Food Tube I'll see you

  • guys.

Food Tube! It is DJ BBQ and I have dressed up for this very special occasion to teach

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The Ultimate BBQ Grilled Steak | DJ BBQ

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