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  • even a Max.

  • What do you guys expect from the pets tonight for tonight's matchup versus the Jets?

  • Good Stephen A.

  • Um, I expect, unfortunately for it.

  • For Luis Riddick and Brian Greasy and Steve Levy to be subjected to some of the most horrific football we have seen in the modern era.

  • Because the Jets stink, they're in abomination.

  • It's really unfortunate that they get to be on Monday Night Football.

  • I want to know why the NFL with disrespect, ESPN like that by giving us the New York Jets there just that horrible.

  • In the case of the New England Patriots, we understand a lot of bad luck.

  • Covert 19 tests, positive test, rather obviously people backing out from playing because of the pandemic and stuff like that.

  • I don't hold that against the New England Patriots.

  • It all but the Jets are a horror show, and I believe that it's very possible there in the season.

  • Oh, in 16.

  • On the one hand, I think there's huge pressure on the Patriots, right?

  • Could you imagine if Bill Belichick, because of Tom Brady and then loses to the Jets, it's a new A F C.

  • Like Justice Tom Brady's finding out he ain't in the A f C East anymore.

  • Um, Bill Belichick's also finding out this is a new A F C East.

  • Even work.

  • Tom Brady is still there.

  • There's much better competition, unfortunately, not from the Jets at all.

  • But could you imagine if you lost to this team?

  • That's really pressure.

  • On the other hand, Stephen A.

  • If the Patriots somehow do wind up with, like, a two win season or just like the hell with it, What if they wound up with Justin Fields?

  • Mhm way Got one more question, guys.

  • Yeah, that is a good point from the naval base in San Diego.

  • Take a listen.

  • Good morning.

  • ESPN first take I'm mm to Bruno and I held from Brooklyn, New York.

  • I have a question for you, Stephen A.

  • Smith.

  • If the Giants are the top three and NFL draft, do you think they should trade back and get more picks?

  • Go, giants.

  • Yeah.

  • Go, Giants.

  • Okay, BK.

  • I think so.

  • Because I don't think that there's that many people that standing out right now, it's really Trevor Lawrence.

  • Justin Fields.

  • And I forgot who else but the bottom line is this.

  • The New York Giants are in need of a lot of parts that Kwan Barkley will be back.

  • Daniel Jones hopefully hold onto the football, but in the end, when it comes down to is they need additional pieces.

  • And I really, really like the job that judges doing right now in terms of how hard he's got them playing and they get better and better every week.

  • I'd like to see him with better talent, see what he does.

  • Danny Dimes is showing that he has the chance one day to be an above average quarterback.

  • I don't see that will ever be great, but he looks like he has a chance to be above average.

  • Stephen A.

  • If you have a chance.

  • Once again, Justin fields his name.

  • If Trevor Lawrence does go first and you have a chance to grab Justin Fields, you gotta take him.

  • I don't care when you just grab you drafted your last quarterback.

  • He's got size, speed, arm talent.

  • He's the whole package, and if you have a chance to grab him, you should Can I ask both of you Giants fans questions, please?

  • Based on what you both have said about Daniel Jones.

  • Why is he Danny Dimes?

  • He hasn't earned the nickname Danny no times.

  • How about Daniel Jones?

  • That name is boring enough.

  • Let him stick with that until he earned the nickname Steve.

  • Molly's always trying to give everyone one of time.

  • E anybody nickname.

  • Jimmy G.

  • Whatever, guys.

  • Just what the people say.

  • Southern Steve is the only nickname I came up with.

  • And now I'm gonna have Hollywood.

  • Steve.

  • Pretty soon.

  • So that's all I got for you.

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even a Max.

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