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  • China virus because of China.

  • Did the band on China, China, China, China, China will own the United States?

  • Pretty inside.

  • Look closely.

  • You could be in Beijing, but this is New York City.

  • Yusa.

  • This is the American melting problem.

  • But China in America are not exactly best friends from him, and things are getting complicated.

  • My name is Joe Info.

  • I'm from China, but I have lived in the US for years.

  • I've always felt welcome here, but things are changing.

  • The US, China, Ribery affect every corner of the globe, and the presidential election has put it front and center.

  • So I've come to Flushing.

  • One of the largest Chinatowns in America theme community here is worry about President Trump's proposed ban on the massive Chinese AB Chad many users to talk to their loved ones back home.

  • Theo US has been cracking down on major Chinese tech companies like Huawei and ticked off saying they pose a security threat.

  • Now Wechat has come under fire.

  • Xiangyang is suing the U.

  • S.

  • Government to stop the band.

  • It's kind of a discrimination because obviously people all know most most of Chinese people, the United States, using which and this ban, it's actually mostly only against the people.

  • Chinese Chinese community in United States Washington says wechat is being used for surveillance and censorship, but Xiangyang says it has allowed Chinese immigrants to share the newfound democratic values within the community and with their friends back in China.

  • This executive order is kind of a cross the line and diminish diminish the value way.

  • Try Thio spread to the world to the mainland China as China and the US go head to head over technology, trade and covert 19 many Chinese Americans feel squeezed in between.

  • But this rivalry between the world's two superpowers has been building for decades, and it's profound.

  • Impact will be felt in nearly every country around the globe.

  • So how did this start?

  • Let's rewind.

  • After years of separation, US President Richard Nixon visited China.

  • Since then, there have been ups and downs with protests in Tiananmen Square, and the U.

  • S.

  • Bombing off the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade drove them apart.

  • But things got better.

  • China joined the World Trade Organization and its economy boom.

  • The two superpowers became partners in the global economy.

  • But China has always been criticized for not playing fair.

  • China's never been just 100% fully wide open on as they have become more, uh, advanced in their economy.

  • And as Xi Jinping's come to power, they've put other types of restrictions in place on social media cloud computing new rules on all different kinds of technologies.

  • In the past decade, three U.

  • S.

  • And China thought over trade.

  • But partner on climate change Ties between the two countries have grown as half geopolitical tensions, some say, like a couple fighting country and like it was a friend of mine.

  • One person is too much.

  • It should have never happened because of China.

  • It happened because of China.

  • Now the relationship is at its lowest point.

  • They want to decouple to break up and undo the deep economic ties built over the years.

  • You might be forced to choose sides say we're gonna do business with just the Chinese or just the Americans.

  • So it's putting countries, companies, students, employees a very difficult position.

  • There are more than 360,000 Chinese students in the U.

  • S.

  • Caught in the middle.

  • Washington believes some are actually spies pretending to be students to steal us intellectual property, So I was a lot of suspicious to vote.

  • Chinese students are pretty in fear, like people come to us for sticking for a better career development for opportunities.

  • They won't get education, they want to make new friends.

  • They want to make best all of the their their journey in this different country.

  • Some of Chinese friends decided to go back to China, leaving him with this hamster, Winnie.

  • But Kenya is unsure about how long he and Winnie will stay here.

  • He doesn't feel welcome anymore, since identification off this bell iteration ship, it just it's very challenging on myself, and also a lot of my friends are starting to look for, like positions opportunities back in China or in other markets in Asia.

  • To me, the U.

  • S and China sometimes seem like long lost twins with nationalism on the rise in both countries, regardless of whether Trump or Biden Wednesday election, the rivalry between these two superpowers is here to stay.

China virus because of China.

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